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Someone is in my house and tells me the truth about what is really happening in the world. *For those who can read.

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Israel’s creeping coup d’etat

The self-styled Israeli elite, made up of academes, media and the legal system, hate Netanyahu because he blocks their two major goals. Netanyahu refused to play according to the rules of the elite, and this is his “deadly” and unforgivable sin.

Worldwide Catholic Church leader Francis calls to keep Sabbath

Supreme Pontiff Pope Francis calls on believers to keep Sabbath as 'the Jews followed and still observe.'

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Catastrophe or Redemption?

Three messages for the current world situation. The present year is תש”פ (780 or 5780) the acrostic of the first two letters reads תהא שנת (this year shall be), but what about the last letter פ? It can stand for the word por’onoot (catastrophe) or pidyon (redemption). I see por’onoot for the enemies of Am Yisrael and redemption for Hashem’s loyal children in Medinat Yisrael.