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“The officials say Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, head of the RSF, agreed with Saudi Arabia that he would not replace returned forces as fighting on the ground has dwindled in recent months,” said the AP

“They said a “few thousand troops” remain for training Yemeni government forces”.

The Sudanese officials further said the RSF participating in the Yemen war reached over 40,000 when the conflict was at its peak in 2016-2017.

In the week ending on October 27th, Saudi forces were deployed in Aden as the UAE withdrew its troops from Yemen.

In late 2018, the New York Times reported that the Saudi-led coalition was using Sudanese child soldiers in its intervention in Yemen.

The Sudanese fighters also insisted that they were the main barrier against the Houthi, safeguarding the Kingdom.

Regardless, if true, that spells quite bad news for Saudi Arabia, since the UAE retreated. Even with the Emirates taking part in the conflict, the Houthis have long had the upper hand in the conflict, without them it’s even more precarious.

The Sudanese troops are the core of the Saudi-led coalition’s army, without them, the claims of the Houthi movement taking over all of Saudi Arabia if they so wish seem more possible than ever.

In late September, the Houthis reported that a months-long operation had been successful and resulted in the capture of thousands of Saudi troops.

“Over 2,000 fighters were taken prisoner,” the Houthi spokesperson added, saying most of them were Yemeni but that they also included other prisoners, and they were captured in the region of Najran.

An unnamed Saudi-backed government source said the number of prisoners was “less than” the Houthis claimed, estimating “the number is about 1,300 soldiers,” including 280 wounded.

It should be reminded that the September 14th attack on Aramco’s oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, went through several Patriot defense batteries and other defense systems. The Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack and previous similar attacks, but Riyadh and Washington blamed it on Iran.

On September 20th, Houthi officials said they would halt missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia if the alliance stopped its operations in Yemen. Saudi Arabia continues its airstrikes and attacks, despite fighting a clearly losing battle.