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103FM Israel – listener: “For the winter, the population will be quite immune to the new corona virus?”

One 103FM Israel listener referred to the coming winter, and to the fear of the corona spreading:

“Since they checked about a million people and found that a lot of them are carrying the virus, then in my opinion, towards the winter the population will be quite immune to the corona.”

Prof. Yoram Lass has reinforced the listener’s opinion, saying:

“They found that most of the people inside the Israeli population who were exposed to the [old] corona viruses were immunized against the new virus.”

Also, one listener attacked those who opposed the demonstrations in front of the prime minister’s residence:

“There is no more appropriate time for demonstrations than now, when our country is in the situation it is in. We are fighting for the home, the state, its form, its elected representatives and its future.”

“Another argument that people should not be afraid to come to demonstrations because of the corona virus.”

Prof. Lass replied: “There is nothing more to fear from the corona than from other viruses we are familiar with.”

Source: 103FM