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’12 kids?’ When Biden kneeled before Rivlin’s haredi aide

President Joe Biden made an unusual gesture of respect for the chief of staff of his Israeli counterpart earlier this week.

President Reuven Rivlin and his chief of staff and bureau chief Rivka Ravitz met with President Biden in the Oval Office Monday, during President Rivlin’s final trip to the US while in office.

While speaking with Rivlin and Ravitz, Biden learned that Ravitz has twelve children, prompting him to kneel down before her.

“I have a picture of my mother here,” Biden said during the meeting, “You must see who she was.”

After the meeting, Rivlin told reporters he believes Biden is a ‘friend of Israel’ and that he is working to ensure Israel’s safety.

Biden also met with President Rivlin’s daughter, telling reporters he spoke with the Rivlins about their family.

“I’m so delighted his daughter is here. She’s in the back right there. And I got to — I got to meet her and talk about our kids and grandkids and all the like.”

Source: Arutz Sheva