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Take a look at 2014-2019 funding to Al-Dameer – the “Terrorists in Suits” – BDS

The head of the terror squad that murdered Rina Shnerb, Sammer Arabid (44, featured in the header image) worked as a clerk for the Palestinian Authority BDS organization Al-Dameer,  – PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK – which supports and promotes boycotts against the State of Israel.

His wife, Nora, has served as treasurer of the organization for the past two years.

In February 2019, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs released the “Terrorists in Suits” report that revealed more than 100 links between terrorist organizations and BDS. According to the report, terrorist organizations are whitewashing their activities in the West, raising funds and gaining legitimacy through the use of disguised civil society organizations that promote the delegitimization and boycott campaign against Israel.

One of the organizations listed in the “Terrorists in Suits” report is Al-Dameer, to which the terrorist Arabid belonged. Al-Dameer was established by activists belonging to the PFLP terror group, and some of its past and present staff have been charged with terrorist activities.

2014-2019 Funding to Al-Dameer  – FOLLOW THE LINKS