35+ Free fonts for brutalist websites in 2018

This article includes grotesques and neo-grotesques, sans-serifs, monospaced, duospaced and even some modernist, more unusual serif, sans and display fonts. ALL fonts are 100% free for both personal and commercial use.

Although grotesques and clear-lined sans-serifs are associated the most with brutalism, used in the right combination and composition almost any typeface would be a good fit. So this article is an extensive but not exhaustive collection of the best free fonts to use in your next brutalist web project.


Bill to save food approved

Israel: “this law will revolutionize the issue of destroying food from hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, catering services and the like, food that will now reach thousands of needy every day. This is not a waste but a food that has not passed through the kitchen door and is still in the trays. These are huge amounts. We want the place where the food is thrown in the garbage to reach the needy. The destruction of food causes economic and social damage that ultimately corrupts the soul.” Continue reading “Bill to save food approved”

“Kanye West Is Not Picasso” by Leonard Cohen

Kanye West is not Picasso

I am Picasso

Kanye West is not Edison

I am Edison

I am Tesla

Jay-Z is not the Dylan of Anything

I am the Dylan of anything

I am the Kanye West of Kanye West

The Kanye West

Of the great bogus shift of bullshit culture

From one boutique to another

I am Tesla

I am his coil

The coil that made electricity soft as a bed

I am the Kanye West Kanye West thinks he is

When he shoves your ass off the stage

I am the real Kanye West

I don’t get around much anymore

I never have

I only come alive after a war

And we have not had it yet

Google now plays ‘Good Censor’ for civility’s sake, leaked internal briefing confirms

‘The Good Censor,’ prepared by a host of prominent industry researchers and “cultural leaders,” states that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have been moving away from the “American tradition,” which protects free speech from any encroachment, towards the European one, which prefers “dignity over liberty and civility over freedom.” Continue reading “Google now plays ‘Good Censor’ for civility’s sake, leaked internal briefing confirms”