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Month: May 2019

About ClassicPress being business-focused

”My suggestion here is “professional-quality” rather than “business-focused”. ”I would leave “Powerful. Versatile. Predictable.” exactly as it is, these are great qualities in a CMS. The only other thing that would need to change is the “ClassicPress is a modified and enhanced version of WordPress (without Gutenberg) that serves the business website market” line – I’m not so sure […]

Shopping Cart Abandonment

According to, the average shopping cart abandonment rate in 2019 is 76%. In addition to this piece of information, if you analyze 41 different studies on cart abandonment rate, you’ll see that the lowest rate was over 56%. The statistics show that if you have 1000 visitors a day, that added products to the shopping […]

Take the 2019 WP&UP Mental Health and Well-Being Survey

WP&UP is a mental health and well-being charitable organization founded by Dan Maby in 2018, whose mission is to promote positive mental health throughout the WordPress ecosystem. The organization is currently hosting a survey to better understand the needs of the community. ”WP&UP recognises that members of the WordPress community can potentially manifest mental health issues from a […]