Month: November 2019

Syrian Civil War: WWII weapons used. Sturmgewehr (Stg) 44, “assault rifle 44”

National identity. Thanks, but we’ll keep ‘mother’ & ‘father’: Putin rejects politically correct ‘parent #1 & #2’ titles

Video: Houthis shot down a Saudi AH-64 Apache attack helicopter over Northern Yemen

French helicopters involved in Mali crash were not under IS fire, military says

Macron should have his own ‘brain death’ checked before attacking NATO allies, Erdogan says

Excerpts from a recent ”analysis” published by Haaretz – ”Netanyahu’s End: A Frightful Spectacle”

A Look Inside Hitler’s 1936 Nazi Olympics Through Amazing Photographs

Yair Netanyahu compares Israeli media to Nazi filmmaker Riefenstahl

Video: Russian soldiers from WW2. Deciphering death soldiers medallions. Less known facts.

Statistical data sets: How Russia pay for the Israeli welfare system