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Trump blasts “Outdated Group Of G7 Countries” – Postpones summit after Merkel rebuff, will invite Russia BACK IN

Update: In a stunning change after President Trump initially pushed G7 leaders to go ahead with an in-person meeting at the White House and Camp David as early as June for the sake of “normalization”, promptly rebuffed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel – who indicated Saturday she would not attend while citing the still raging pandemic – the president told reporters aboard Air Force One later in the day that he’ll postpone till September.

Herschel Goat

“Who is strong? He who conquers his selfish inclinations.” It does not say “who breaks his selfish inclinations,” but rather “who conquers . . .”: true might lies in conquering and transforming one’s selfish drives in order to use them to serve G‑d as well.