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Is the chilling truth that the decision to impose lockdown was based on crude mathematical guesswork?

We now know that the model’s software is a 13-year-old, 15,000-line program that simulates homes, offices, schools, people and movements. According to a team at Edinburgh University which ran the model, the same inputs give different outputs, and the program gives different results if it is run on different machines, and even if it is run on the same machine using different numbers of central-processing units.

Enough with the Consensus Already!

Almost unanimously, the mainstream media have been involved in an intoxication campaign in favour of a study published in the Lancet condemning the Raoult protocol and paving the way for Gilead Science’s drug Remdesivir.
The case of mathematicians is different. Their role is to quantify observations. Some of them have provoked panic in order to seize power.