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2nd day of PM’s pre-trial hearing ends

The second day of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s pre-trial hearing ended after eleven hours of discussion Thursday evening.

The hearing will resume next week.

Amit Haddad, one of Netanyahu’s attorneys, said in his statement from the Justice Department in Jerusalem: ” On Sunday we will start arguing about Case 1000. They also seem to lack what they are trying to claim, there are no offenses. These three cases should eventually close.”

Another of Netanyahu’s attorneys, Yossi Ashkenazi, said: “The hearing in Case 4000 is not yet over, and on Sunday we will devote a few more hours to it. We focused today on the state’s witnesses.”

A senior legal official noted that the prime minister’s arguments were much better today than they were yesterday. Netanyahu’s attorneys focused mainly on the issue of state witnesses and allegations of positive coverage on the Walla site, arguing that illegitimate and illegal pressures were exerted on the state’s witnesses.

Channel 13 News reported that Netanyahu’s attorneys were referring, among other things, to a certain case that they claimed was exerting great pressure on one media figure in particular. They claim all of these moves were illegitimate. Another key issue the attorneys addressed was the coverage in Walla, which they claimed was not positive.