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$400,000 for Sinwar, $100,000 for Mohammed Deif: Israel said to place bounty on Hamas leaders

The Israeli military has apparently placed a bounty on Hamas leaders, with fliers dropped in the Gaza Strip offering money for information on the whereabouts of Yahya Sinwar and other commanders in the terror group.

Images of a pamphlet are circulating on social media, showing it promising Gazans $400,000 for information on Hamas’s Gaza leader Sinwar; $300,000 for information on his brother, Muhammed Sinwar, who commands the terror group’s southern brigade; $200,000 for information on Rafaa Salameh, the commander of Hamas’s Khan Younis battalion; and a measly $100,000 for information on Mohammed Deif, the commander of Hamas’s military wing.

  • The flier contains a telephone number and a contact on the Telegram messaging app, with the IDF promising confidentiality.

Source: TOI