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7 Breslov hasidim smuggled across the border were imprisoned in Munkatch Prison on Rosh Hashanah

The seven crossed the border on foot from Romania and were stopped at a roadblock inside Ukraine, after being suspected of having mud in their shoes

During the holiday, “prisoner redemption” activists tried to free them, but this did not help them.


WhatsApp Video 2020-09-20 at 210948 from חרדים 10 on Vimeo.

A non-Jewish driver, who arrived on Rosh Hashanah morning, documented them in prayer inside the detention facility.

Source: HAREDIM 10


Mukachevo (Ukrainian: Мукачево, Rusyn: Мукачево, Hungarian: Munkács, Slovak: Mukačevo) is a city located in the valley of the Latorica river in Zakarpattia Oblast (province), in Western Ukraine.

Up until World War II and the Holocaust, it was primarily a Jewish town, and half the population was Jewish, the rest of the population being Rusyn, Hungarian, Slovak, and other minorities. Formerly in Czechoslovakia, and before that in Hungary, it was incorporated into Soviet Ukraine after World War II.