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A direct flight from Perth brings 280 Israelis home. Last Israelis evacuated from Myanmar.

El Al landed Wednesday at Ben-Gurion after its first direct flight from Perth with 280 Israelis aboard who were rescued from Australia and New Zealand.

El Al is to pick up from Bogota 150 Israeli backpackers stranded in Colombia and fly them home.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz is running the worldwide project for rescuing Israeli travelers unable to return to Israel. The Foreign Ministry emphasized the “mutual responsibility and effort the State of Israel makes to help its sons and daughters return home at this time of the worldwide coronavirus crisis.”

The final Israelis in Myanmar began making their way home with the Foreign Ministry’s help on Wednesday, as most flights were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Half of the 6000 Israelis that asked the Foreign Ministry for help in recent weeks have already returned, including about 1,000 from India, 1,000 from Peru, hundreds from Australia, Brazil and Mexico and about 100 each from Nepal and Myanmar. Over 1,000 Israeli students returned from Eastern Europe.