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A Failed Globalist Experiment

European unity was always a questionable concept between a collection of diverse countries who have historically distrusted and disliked each other. The strength of that always questionable unity is now being tested as the EU is facing its greatest challenge. The initial enthusiasm among EU leaders for the conflict with Russia has waned considerably in recent months as the reality of its ludicrous and self-destructive war on Russia continues to backfire spectacularly on them.

With the long hot European summer now behind them the citizens of Europe are rising up in protest against their governments in huge numbers.

While national leaders continue to lecture their people on the necessary sacrifices they must make to support Ukraine, fewer and fewer agree with them.

  • With rapidly rising costs of living and the prospect of a winter without heat, anger against national governments is rapidly reaching breaking point. Germany, France, The Czech Republic, Austria and Italy have witnessed immense angry demonstrations that are seriously panicking their governments.

To the extent that many are now trying to backtrack and seek solutions outside of EU directives, Hungary and Serbia have refused to tow the party line and have secured their energy interests with Russia.

While the EU has demanded an energy sharing scheme among its member states, only energy-starved Germany seems keen.

Germany was the main economic beneficiary of the EU and it used its considerable influence to impose harsh conditions on the weaker EU states, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain in particular.

Understandably these countries are reluctant to share their energy reserves with a country that showed little compassion for them following the 2008 financial crisis.

  • German industries have benefited from low-cost energy from Russia for years which has greatly contributed to their global competitiveness. It was enthusiastically looking forward to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline until America intervened and forced its cancellation. Now German energy giants are seeking government bailouts to avoid bankruptcy, the once dominant manufacturing sector is facing complete destruction unless a rapid rapprochement with Russia is made.

Even in that unlikely event, the damage to the German economy is done and any recovery could take years.

In a widely distributed talk, German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock (who no surprise is another WEF graduate) said that she will stand with Ukraine regardless of what the German voters think. A more honest translation would be that she stands with the WEF Globalists’ agenda and that the German people’s interests are not a consideration. If she gave a damn about the Ukrainian or the German people she would be trying to stop the war, but peace and the preservation of European lives are not the objectives. However repulsive her statement, it echoed exactly the sentiments of all the EU leaders, she represents her constituency perfectly, but that constituency is not the German people, it’s the Globalists.

An example of just how ridiculously inept and detached from reality the EU is can be found in their call for a price cap on Russian energy imports.

Exactly how they think Russia will respond to that requires us to credit them with thinking at all, as several nations rightly pointed out, Russia will just stop all energy supplies. Many, among them France’s Macron has called for a price cap on all energy imports, not just the Russian ones. While America is fine with a European price cap on Russian energy, it strongly opposes it on U.S. energy imports. The destruction of its valued friend and ally Europe is just fine with America as long as there is a buck in it from them.

While increasingly angry citizens are demanding that their governments put national interests above those of Ukraine, they are largely missing the point.

The interests of the Ukraine were never a consideration, the conflict was always about America’s obsession with the destruction of a rising Russia.

The people of the Ukraine are just collateral damage in what is essentially just another bankers’ war for the interests of the Globalist financial powers. As Europeans are now belatedly beginning to understand, they are also just being considered more collateral damage in the furtherance of that Globalist agenda.

None of the European leaders have any solutions to the crisis which they so enthusiastically led their countries into just a few months ago.

Cold showers and Spartan energy rationing are not the solutions to the problem that the people want to hear. Preaching that they must sacrifice their futures for the Ukraine works better in the hot summer months than in the imminent cold, very cold European winter. Platitudes from Klaus Schwab’s puppet leaders are not going to placate cold hungry European people any longer.

A brutal winter of discontent is inevitable for Europe, as temperatures drop the heat will rise against the politicians who sold out their countries’ interests to the Globalists.

We can expect to see governments falling across Europe as public anger becomes uncontrollable.

The panic is not just being felt in European circles, The U.S. is also deeply concerned about the strength of European unity, or rather the lack of it. Biden has on more than one occasion called for Europeans to stay united in its proxy war against Russia.

Biden is worried that any diversion from its sanctions against Russia will cause a split in the bloc.

A rare moment of clarity from the senile U.S. President. The U.S. is very closely monitoring the unrest in Europe. While examining the results of its handiwork it might notice that while among the Western puppet leaders fractures are indeed increasing, unity among the peoples of the European nations is only growing stronger in common cause. The recent farmers’ protest in Holland was supported by farmers from all the European nations in a demonstration of true unity against the Globalist agenda.

A unified cross border, anti-government movement is not the European unity Biden or the NATO warmongers had in mind.

They will find that controlling corrupt Globalist European politicians is easier than controlling millions of angry, cold and hungry citizens.

Demonising Putin as the author of all Europe’s woes may have worked at the outset of the conflict, but no more.

None of the many demonstrations being witnessed are aimed at Putin or Russia, the target of the ire is firmly against the governments that sold out their nations sovereignty to a globalist/U.S. elite.

It is likely that Putin is more popular among Europeans in the know than the incompetent puppets running their own countries into the dirt. While Putin has now stopped the energy flow into Europe he has more cards yet to play. Uranium, fertilisers and foodstuffs among many other essentials are all still supplied to Europe, for now. The destruction of Europe is not in Russia’s interests, Putin doesn’t blame the people, he just hopes that they will wake up and recognise the true enemy.

The coming months will be a time of immense turmoil in Europe, great suffering is inevitable for millions of people sacrificed by their governments on the altar of globalisation.

How long the EU can keep it together is the big question, few in Europe would be sad to see its demise. What many first considered a noble enterprise has now been exposed as an undemocratic institution that answers not to the people, but to a corporate oligarchy that owes no affiliation to any nation.

In the tragedy that is the Ukrainian conflict some good may yet emerge.

If European countries can restore their national sovereignty by exiting the widely despised EU they would be liberated from globalist control and be free to peacefully pursue their own legitimate national self-interest.

The way it is supposed to be, the way the majority of European people want it to be.

Strong “Exit” movements have existed in all of the member nations for years, Italy and Holland’s movement in particular had huge public support.

The UK’s “Brexit” showed it can be done despite immense anti-Brexit propaganda, in a referendum, the people voted to leave. In light of more recent events, a referendum on exiting the EU would likely succeed in most countries.

The EU is a failed Globalist experiment, it never offered more than the pretence of a true democracy, at the unelected top, it was always a technocracy of hand-picked corporate frontmen.

It has destroyed the economies of all its members through incompetence and corruption. It has caused chaos and social unrest in communities through forcing mass immigration on unwilling countries.

  • It has interfered in the internal affairs of member states way beyond any powers granted them.
  • It has presumed to write new laws which take primacy over a nations own justice system. It has created absurd new layers of bureaucracy and regulations which make European business’s largely uncompetitive globally.
  • It is now dominated by the WEF and Klaus Schwab’s minions who are pushing the Great Reset and consider the Ukraine conflict as a step towards it. Statements made, such as that delivered by Annalena Baerbock on where her loyalties lie, should outrage all Europeans, it should also enlighten them.

Events this winter may well determine the future of Europe for the next century.

Whether it is a Europe united with Russia as a peaceful trading partner, or a Globalist Third World hell hole, the European peoples’ actions in the coming months will decide which.

Source: Eamon McKinney – Strategic Culture Foundation