steampunk heart

A Plague to Freedom

God sent word but they did not hear
God sent signs but they refused to see
As each plague came and went
there was an uncomfortable moment of acknowledgment
But nothing changed,
not much anyway

They believed that
“This too shall pass”
then it got worse
and they thought
“This too shall pass”
and so it did… nine times
Until the final fatal plague

Death was to take every firstborn of Egypt
God instructed the Israelites to be dressed and ready to leave but stay in their homes, make a Pesach offering and put the blood of the lamb on their houses.

That blood was to be a sign for them and God will pass over their homes when he strikes the land of Egypt.

“A sign for them”
That it could be their blood too
Death looms outside
Stay home

If you listen
That small still voice will get louder and louder
Until it is abundantly clear

We are not in control
We are not free
We can not do whatever we want

Stay in
Offer your peh sach
Speak out
What does it mean to be enslaved and what it means to be truly free.

We all know how to be a slave
to things
to substance
to time
to others
to ourselves

but what does it mean to be free?
Free from worry
Free from ego
Free to bask in the Glory of Shalom.

and so I pray as I speak
Hashem Elokeinu!
Racheim aleinu
pull us through these narrow straits
heal us
so we may know what it means to be free
and start to truly live

Original: Aliza Lipkin