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A premature autopsy report on Trump

Recently, there has been a plethora of autopsy reports on US President Trump, including a well-written one on Arutz Sheva, which I will address in friendly fashion below..

There is a famous quip “the operation was a success but the patient died.” I reformulate that quip herewith. to say:

“Mr. Trump’s candidacy was successful, he prevailed, but Mr. Biden was elected..”

Though the Arutz Sheva autopsy report is well-done, Mr. Trump is not cooked. Patient/candidate Trump is still alive.

Mr. Trump’s flaws, as presented by Dr. Chaim C. Cohen, a writer with much the same academic credentials as I have – PhD, years of college teaching, etc. – in explanation of Mr. Biden’s apparent success, do not explain Mr. Biden’s apparent victory. The evidence does not explain Mr. Trump’s failure to win the presidency, because, certainly, he did win the election in a popular vote and what should have been an electoral college landslide.

There are several indicators of Mr. Trump’s win. No incumbent president has ever lost re-election while his party gained seats in the House of Representatives. No incumbent president has lost a re-election bid while winning significantly more (10,000,000+/-) votes than in his previous election and significantly increasing his share of Black and Latino votes. There are about 55 counties, which, in election after election, are reliable predictors of a presidential outcome. Mr. Trump won about 50 of those counties.

If some statistically unsophisticated person would consider the above facts to be mere coincidences, he would probably consider the 2020 voting results in hypothetical State X: exactly 3,000,000 votes for Mr. Biden and Zero votes for Mr. Trump also to be a coincidence. After all, theoretically, it could happen that exactly 3,000,000 votes (not 2,999,999), constituting 100% of the votes cast, were cast for one of two candidates. Recall the actual 2016 voting results in two or three Philadelphia precincts in which more votes were cast than there were names on the voting rolls. I heard that in one previous presidential election there were some Philadelphia precincts in which there were no Republican votes cast at all! Might that have been a coincidence or anomaly?

In November 1960, there was a phone call made to a Cook County election official late on election night on behalf of desperate Illinois supporters of Senator Kennedy. The Cook County election official reportedly asked, “How many votes do you need?” By the morning, Senator Kennedy had won Illinois.

Another 2020 coincidence was that several “swing” states stopped counting votes at about 10 PM on election night with Mr. Trump in the lead. Still another 2020 coincidence was that during that night, after the vote counting was stopped in those swing states and elections workers had been sent home, suitcases and trailers belched Biden ballots, tens of thousands of them, and amazingly Mr. Trump’s lead vanished in each state. In some heavily democratic Milwaukee precincts, voter turnout was at an astounding 90% level, contrasting significantly with other Milwaukee and Wisconsin precincts in 2020 and voting turnouts in those same precincts in previous presidential elections.

No similar turn-out “anomalies” were found in heavily Republican precincts. Did you hear about the controlled experiment performed about 20 days after the election in which an equal amount of Trump ballots and Biden ballots were run through a Dominion vote-counting machine, and the tabulated results were about 2/3 Biden and 1/3 Trump?

The autopsy article stated,

“Eventually Trump was defeated by his political personality and style of leadership and not by the political agenda that he forged.”

Mr. Trump was not defeated by his own shortcomings. I am not surprised that dead Americans vote. I am surprised that dead Americans, who register to vote after they die, always register as Democrats and vote only Democratic.

I predict that the tens of thousands of “pristine, unfolded, uncreased” mail-in Biden ballots in Pennsylvania (and probably other states, too) will be exposed as having their Biden-only, solitary vote bubble filled in with a perfectly-formed, identically-positioned, uniformly and identically darkened circle of exactly the same diameter. What a coincidence that will be!

The autopsy article stated,

“… Obama sometimes had such skills. He learned from the failure of Clinton’s too encompassing health care proposal, and succeeded in legislating the moderate, but long term, liberal structural change of Obama medical care.”

I was intrigued by the reference to Mr. Obama’s political skills in mentioning his success with the Obamacare legislation. As I recall, not a solitary Republican voted for that legislation. Therefore, I do not consider that particular legislative achievement to evidence Mr. Obama’s political skill. Mr. Obama’s oft-repeated promise that his healthcare legislation would save each American household $2500 on annual health insurance premiums did not make him a liar. He was a liar already. How much of Mr. Obama’s incontrovertible healthcare legislative success was due to his promulgation of a Goebbels-variety (big lie, repeated often) falsehood regarding anticipated premium savings?

The article stated about Mr. Trump,

“But he could not bring himself to concentrate on the tortuous task of congressional legislation.”

When I read this statement, I immediately thought of the choices made by the State of Israel to spend massive amounts of money on military needs rather than on other societal priorities. Recall that progressive tzadikkim announced even before Mr. Trump’s inauguration that they would immediately seek his impeachment. Representative Tlaib actually called him an MF (Multi-Faceted person). For four years, Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Schumer and Mr. Schiff dishonorably pursued Mr. Trump’s impeachment with their fabricated charge of Russian collusion. Both Mr. Biden and President Obama were at a White House meeting in January 2017 discussing how they would pursue Mr. Trump with “The Dossier.” Even the Special Counsel and FBI corruptly participated with the Dems to pursue Mr. Trump.

It was not that Mr. Trump “could not bring himself to concentrate…,” it was that there were wolves at his doorstep every day for four years, a circumstance like that of the State of Israel.

The autopsy article stated,

“However the tragedy is that Biden can now with a stroke of a pen erase in one day all the structural changes that Trump enacted with a stroke of a pen.”

I recall that some court of competent jurisdiction ruled that Mr. Trump could not “undo” any of Mr. Obama’s executive orders (such as those dealing with immigration) with his own executive orders. As far as I know, that ruling has not been retracted and perhaps the writer, who lives in Israel, is not aware of it.

In the article, Mr. Trump’s foreign policy is described as “erratic,” but Mr. Trump’s foreign policy was not “erratic.” It was an unapologetic expression of “America first.” He stood up to Iran. He stood up to Russia. He stood up to China. He did his best with North Korea. Astoundingly, he moved the US embassy to Yerushalayim, recognized the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, and moved some Arab states closer to a peace footing with Israel than all the presidents combined since 1948. He asserted that Israel could achieve peace with Arab countries without the involvement of the Fakestinians.

Erratic? Not in my opiinion. Effective and brilliant? Yes.

The writer asserts that Mr. Trump’s base is forty percent of the US electorate. However, based on the amazing turnouts at his rallies, at least 10 million more votes than in 2016, and gains in the House, while enduring an unprecedented 92% negative coverage in the national media across 4 years, all while dodging the slings and arrows of the Deep State (remember Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy”?), I suspect that Mr. Trump’s voter base is at least 60%!

Summing up Mr. Trump, the article states:

“But sadly he failed as a political statesman. He failed because he lacked the political skills necessary for translating the vision of his agenda, and allegiance of his followers, into long term legislative and structural change. And he failed as a political statesman because he did not learn how to speak in terms that would make his populist, conservative social agenda more appealing and acceptable to the center of America’s political map.”

The word “failed” appears three times in this paragraph. But, Mr. Trump did not fail. He certainly won more popular votes than Mr. Biden and those votes should have been translated into more electoral votes.

The tragedy of the 2020 election was not the flaws that the article’s writer has impartially recognized in Mr. Trump’s less-than-perfect four-year presidential performance.

The tragedy is that corrupt progressives in cooperation with the Stealworkers (those who worked tirelessly to steal the election) have achieved their goal to steal the election, irrevocably transforming our chessed-oozing capitalist country into the latest socialist basket-case nation, as a step toward the intended destruction of the State of Israel [Ch’V].

A Biden/Harris administration will neither be Israel-supportive, nor Israel neutral. No sane, moral person can soberly talk of a two-state solution along the 1949 armistice lines with no Jewish people living unmolested to the east of the Green Line.

I have more to write, but the hour is late. The Trump autopsy report is compelling, but the patient did not die.

Header: US President Donald Trump stands on stage after his address to the Israeli American Council National Summit 2019 at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida on December 7, 2019. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Original: Arutz Sheva – Dr. Baruch Mordechai (Bert) Miller