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A Very Polite Insult

The UVs

Despite the proclamations of the experts masquerading as scientists who do not follow science but rather money, there is no such thing as a vaccinated individual against SARS-COV-2. They intentionally altered the definition of ‘vaccines’ [1] to psychologically engineer the social divisions we are now suffering by implying that a temporary experimental therapeutic injection of dubious origin for dubious purposes for scandalous profit is a ‘vaccine’ that will inoculate against the very bioweapon unleashed to justify the mass distribution of these ‘vaccines’ around the word. Those who have received one injection or five are all of the same uninoculated status and with the emergence of the sniffles and headache variant, this has never been more true.

The very act of accepting an injection, and the egos that promulgate the belief that in doing so their virtuous act of noble sacrifice was for the betterment of humanity will need the clarity that comes with time and honest self reflection to realize they have always simply been the unvaccinated vaccinated whose blind trust and ignorance are to blame for their arrogance and delusions. At present these arrogant delusions have all institutions of power at their back and are sailing them comfortably toward an abyss from which their destiny is one of shame, guilt or a public dragging and head shaving as willing colluders of mass criminals. War is war, whether there’s shelling of projectiles or injecting of bioweapons, and in all wars there are victors who determine the fate of colluders and terms of their comeuppance.

Until their proud delusions and egos, enhanced by a misguided certainty, are modulated toward self reflection and objective honesty (their only propellants toward truth and reality) we are headed down a very dangerous path. If we do not orient ourselves to the arrogant and delusional mind of the unvaccinated vaccinated they will be further weaponized by those forces who have taken it upon themselves to terrorize the world with an engineered plague, and its precursor the engineered cure. Both manifestations of engineering are well coordinated and organized crimes against humanity. To deny this reality two years into the ongoing cover up and gaslighting of these crimes is to side directly or indirectly with the criminals. The genius of the criminals is they have now weaponized the shame, embarrassment and victimhood of those who could not foresee their motivations in advance, or who still refuse to recognize themselves on the wrong end of a grand con, and are misdirecting their animosity, ire and cruelty toward those that did.

We have called them useful dupes, useful idiots, mindless sheep, braindead morons, neurotic ninnies, I could spend the remainder of this polite insult listing the names we “anti-vaxxers” have slung in the direction of the unvaccinated vaccinated and they would all be true, and as you’ll come to see mostly polite but then it would not be a very polite but rather a very long insult. What we have avoided for too long in signaling to the comfort of our own tribe the insults that unite us, is admitting that first and foremost the UVs, like all of us, are victims of a global conspiracy involving several levels of institutional power both public and private to concoct a grand fraud through intentional deceit and behavioral coercion engineered through endless grotesque lies and propaganda. This is what unites us, this is where we must reunite our energies, wrath, vitriol and vengeance if we are to ever have any hope of ending the grand fraud before a greater darkness descends on humanity, one which may already be underway.

UV Motivations

Incapable of detecting the fraud or being skeptical of what was happening on a global scale they undertook the singular and exceptional action set before them by the conspirators, their government and ‘health expert’ accomplices, believing their words that they must “do their part” for “the common good”. Unable to conduct rudimentary research outside the prescribed confines of fabulist google results or legacy media propaganda, they believed effective vaccines for a coronavirus could be created using experimental gene technology, skipping animal trials, short cutting human trials with rigged data while magically showing 90% efficacy against the already mutating virus with a 98% survivability across all age groups, and all of it in a world record shattering nine months. The words dupe and idiot are very, very polite.

Wanting desperately to consider themselves unselfish and virtuous they went to the place of “vaccination” to undergo the procedure they were told would be responsible for protecting others, a procedure that involved the injection of experimental substances into their physical body, an act that takes a tremendous amount of trust in private corporations with a long history of defrauding and killing subjects for profit. The stated primary motivation of protecting others was mostly virtuous cover for believing if they “did their part” that the liberties they once enjoyed, which the conspirators had no right to ever withhold, would magically return. No power in history has ever relinquished liberties after convincing their subjects to voluntarily surrender them for their own benefit. The words moron and sheep are very, very polite.

Imagine making this ultimate sacrifice of one’s body to the “common good” and being told by your loveable and trusted captors after they lied to you incessantly that your noble sacrifice was not just for nothing, it was a total failure and it was entirely the fault of those who refused to make that same sacrifice. Never in this history of medicine was the outcome of a treatment’s fate determined by those who did not take it, and yet here are with the sniffles variant exposing fraud after fraud and still being told that a fourth and fifth booster will do the trick, until six months from now when the sixth will be required and then as if by magic the final conspiracy theories will whither with innate immune systems and all of what remains of enslaved society will be dependent on them for their short, miserable, subservient lives.

Stockholm syndrome victims seek comfort in the confidence of their tormentors.

Having psychologically bonded with those who stole their rights, imprisoned them in their homes, and scared them helpless for months on end utilizing their dedicated global media lackeys to turn up the fear thermometer on command, the UV victims bought every story they were sold in a long line of deceptively concocted fables and fantasies.

Their tormentors intentionally manipulated tests and data, withheld meaningful cures and implemented deadly treatments like Remdesivir (run death is near) and ventilators while blaming as many deaths on the weapon they intentional unleashed through government financial incentives, like $100,000 hospital bonuses for every death classified as “Covid”.[2]

All this intentionally engineered fear and death drove the UV into the arms of their tormentors for the promised cure.

Shame, Humiliation, Vengeance (1919-1933 Germany) [3, 4, 5]

The term du jour of the disobedient and non submissive resistance is ‘mass formation’ and frequent connections are made to Germany “going bonkers” prior to world war two.

The similarities between then and now are significantly underwhelming. The unification for their ‘psychosis’ was national and ethnic in foundation and economic, geopolitical and psychological in origin.

Germany as a nation was thoroughly put through the ringer in the aftermath of World War One.

The obvious historical example being the putative measures imposed in the Treaty of Versailles, which was forced through with a humanitarian crises for coercion and whose terms were fundamentally unfair and intentionally impossible to realize.

German obligations for reparations amounted to 134 billion gold Reichsmarks, after having already printed their way into effective bankruptcy to maintain the war.

The hyperinflation that followed in the early 1920s rendered the currency useless.

The stock market speculation and crash, subsequent recession and high unemployment added more insult to injury by the end of the decade creating more social strife and poverty.

The British naval blockade of 1919 effectively led to mass starvation, including the deaths of children from malnourishment in Germany and Austria.

Fishing boats and merchant ships were regulated or seized and Germany’s request for 2.5 million tones of food was denied by the Allies.

Facing death by starvation Germany reluctantly signed the putative Treaty.

The demilitarization, forfeiting land, colonies, industrial zones including the Saarland, and limitations on trade and imports made life miserable and any hope of recovery all but impossible.

This compounded a collective shame on top of the humiliating surrender.

The feelings of unresolved or unacknowledged shame in individuals leads to aggression and rage.

Nationally these are the perfect conditions for the rise of demagogues and tyrants.

The propaganda and psychological manipulation that put the finishing touches on a failed Austrian painter’s capture of the enraptured masses was by then a fait accompli.

Engineering conditions for confrontation as a means of deflecting threats to their identity was easy justification to reclaiming moral worth.

In such circumstances, individuals will feel justified in hurting others in order to regain a sense of dignity and control over their identity.

Vengeance against transgressors by this stage is all but inevitable, with the dehumanization of any group of people deemed to be the source of transgressions easily concocted through psychological manipulation, most often rooted in narrative propaganda.

The final call to action for retribution simply needs a directed source of output for its energies, real or fabricated, and in the case of a bonkers Germany it was both.

Shame, Humiliation, Vengeance (2020-2022 Globally) [6, 7, 8]

If we examine the past two years under the same terms – war, armistice, terms of surrender and demoralizing submission we see a lot of the same elements.

After dictating the one-sided declaration of war on their citizenry, governments could hide behind a plausible deniability that they were not privy to the release of the bioweapon, the source of the virus.

Their utter lack of curiosity in settling this dispute the past two years should be confirmation enough of the opposite. The evidence is still overwhelming, including Trump’s executive order of September 2019 mobilizing emergency vaccine powers to federal agencies to set the stage for ‘operation warp speed’9, the simulation of pandemic responses (Event 201) and the origins of the virus in western state-oligarch lab research and funding. They could then assume the role as caretaker and protector of those they declared war on, insisting their measures were effective and necessary for ‘heath and safety’. Through psychological warfare to keep the populace subdued, fearful and obedient they bought time to prepare and release the second act of war in the form of the only possible cure – the “vaccines”.

This total war on free people’s requires above all else surrender, submission, obedience to authority.

Those who have declared war, dictated the terms of every insane yet carefully coordinated battle, from social isolation of healthy people to destroyed childhoods, to inhumane methods of coercion to accept the one and only avenue toward armistice. Those who refuse are separated from society for ostracization, dehumanization and further social isolation until they finally surrender.

The most powerful weapons in this psychological war are those who did submit and obey, now having an inextricable bond with their conquerors.

These are the Vichy henchmen of Nazi occupied France but on a global scale. They’ll accept the terms of their contingent liberty as torturers and enforcers against those with the courage to fight and resist and never surrender.

We can easily call this weaponization of the unvaccinated vaccinated a ‘mass psychosis’ event and all the elements familiar are there to help us make sense of their misguided cruelty.

The free floating anxiety and social isolation were the seeds of their demise but not the conditions of their total surrender to experimental eugenics, which must factor in their psychological state, one of fear and insecurity.

Those who are fearful and insecure are more likely to extract worth from the bonding of a group or tribe, and if they experience shame and humiliation that comes with surrender and submission, even subconsciously and retroactively they are predisposed to act aggressively and confrontationally as a means of ego defense.

Insecure individuals tend to hold less positive views about themselves and seek external validation of their self-worth from others. If those ‘others’ are the tribe of obedient submissive UVs then their devotion to lies that bond them can be a collective source of identity and self worth. If repeated often enough and reiterated by their captors the lies that form bonds are of ‘virtue’ and ‘unselfish sacrifice’ for ‘health and protection’ and all for ‘the common good.’ Weaponizing these UVs to act aggressively and confrontationally toward the “anti-vaxxers” becomes almost too easy. They are justified in their perceived righteousness.

In the absence of critical thought or reflection of the past two years, these UVs still embrace their chains, find comfort with their tribe and turn to their tormentors for guidance and direction.

Their total capitulation means they can now be activated as enforcers against the final pockets of resistance.

Ire Misdirection

The diabolical genius of our tormentors is their ability to maintain the big lies in the face of crumbling evidence. Seeing the foundations collapse with the emergence of the sniffles and headache variant they have in lock-step turned their outrage performances toward the unvaccinated, and recently did so in peculiar unison as if directed by a symphony conductor, a bald bond-like antagonist Germanic tyranny-symphony conductor who resides in Geneva and only needs a wheelchair and white cat in his lap to comically fulfill his role as global villain.

Their UV captives will witness the unfounded demagoguery of WEF primed weaklings Trudeau and Macron, slavish buffoons Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson, and half demented mumbling corpses like Joe Brandon direct their rage and blame toward those who sniffed out their scam long ago and refused to obey.

Tyrants, particularly weak in nature and stature, are always the most dangerous for they will frame the dissidents and outcasts as contemptible threats and turn the wrath and vengeance of their splendid dupes in service to their evil against them.

Those who continue to serve the conspirators of these crimes against humanity are now collaborators, responsible for the maiming of children, the slaughter of the weak, frail, poor and elderly who do not know any better and still trust that the events of the past two years happened as their caretakers in these globally interconnected corporate-states have fabricated.

And so we find ourselves hurtling quickly toward the seemingly unfathomable as we cross the checkered flags of discrimination, dehumanization, organization and polarization, more than halfway toward a twenty-first century global genocide of the brightest, strongest and most courageous, the last bulwarks to build back better post-humanist fascism.

Build Back Better Armistice

If you’ve seen it all from the mountain tops near and far for the past two years, or are just now seeing it then you know the skeptics and dissidents are already being criminalized.

They now carry the label of ‘non citizens’ in France according to their Rothschild President, domestic prisoners in Germany and Austria under house arrest, banished from work life in Italy and Australia, “racist, misogynist, intolerable” in the words of the recently re-elected gormless sauna boy of Klaus Schwab in Canada, just another of the globally interconnected cowardly traitors, all graduates of the school of future gormless Klaus Schwab servants.

The only plagues we are living are dehumanization and division and a massive courage deficit in positions of power.

As dehumanization spreads, the acceptance with which it is permitted to spread will be shocking for the year 2022 after three generations of historians and leaders said “never again”.

They have a plan to build back better, and free critical thinkers who refuse to submit are not in their blueprints.

If they’ve engineered the past two years of torment and misery through planned democide it’s clear they won’t stop for failed “vaccines”, the sniffles or dissidents alike.

Build back better is nothing more than terms of their own armistice for a war whose victims had no idea they were ever at war and whose prisoners of war are being mobilized in their final push for total tyranny.

This is a silent war, and it will not end because a virus is weakened, or vaccines are useless, or any amount of people recognize the past two years for the blatant crimes against humanity that they were.

This goes for all the UVs out there.

If you pride yourself in thinking you are double vaccinated or triple and are happy to go along with four, five, and six toxic jabs through next year to protect against those sniffles, and do whatever your masters demand of you then mindless fucking sheep is indeed a very, very polite insult.

Having chosen to surrender to tyranny, your liberty will be an illusion and the remainder of your life nasty, brutish and short, dying suddenly from weakness and submission, labeled ‘natural causes’ from ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’ of course, unless a government bonus is offered to the hospital that claims your corpse, then you’ll be a ‘Covid death’, and how poetic that would be after submitting to all those jabs.




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Source: The Good Citizen