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About 60% of Russians to be vaccinated against COVID by autumn — sanitary watchdog

About 60% of Russia’s adult population will be inoculated against the novel coronavirus infection by the autumn 2021, Anna Popova, chief of Russia’s sanitary watchdog, said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda on Tuesday.

When asked how many people are to be vaccinated “to stop coronavirus in Russia,” she said “at least 60% of the adult population.”

She also said she hoped this goal would be reached by the coming autumn. “I want to believe that we will be able to do it before autumn comes,” she added.

She recalled that 60% of the population had been vaccinated against flu in the autumn 2020. “And we had no flu. You know, we managed to ward off at least one evil. We had COVID but we did not have flu,” she explained.

She said she was sure that after 60% of the population was inoculated against COVID-19 the life in Russia would be like in pre-COVID times.

“As soon as we do it, we will have a different life, a life we used to live two years ago. I am sure we will achieve it without fail,” Popova stressed.

Source: TASS