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Adelson on Sara Netanyahu: ‘She’s not healthy’

The owners of the Israel Hayom newspaper Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam told police investigators in the “Case 2000” about their relationship with the Netanyahu couple over the years.

According to a Channel 13 News report, Sheldon said, among other things, that the prime minister demanded to hire his closest adviser as Israel’s editor-in-chief of Israel Hayom. “Bibi wanted Nir Chafetz to replace Amos Regev as the editor-in-chief. She (Sara) would tell my wife that if Iran comes and attacks it would be on your head because we didn’t post good pictures of her.”

On another occasion, Adelson described Sara Netanyahu’s temper and claimed that “she is completely crazy. She was compulsive about her pictures and how she looks. She said ‘I am the First Lady. I am a psychologist and teach children about psychology.'”

Miriam’s wife, who was considered to be close to the prime minister’s wife, told investigators about Sara Netanyahu’s influence on her husband’s treatment of prominent figures in the political system: “It bothers me that there is such a prime minister who has a wife who decides everything. She tells him who can board the plane and who can’t board the plane.”

“She hates Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked. I was furious after the previous elections when he (Binyamin Netanyahu) didn’t make a coalition with Bennett because she (Sara Netanyahu) hates him. That is to say, the fate of the Jewish people is doomed because the lady hates Bennett and Shaked, so he doesn’t form a coalition with a fitting right-wing person.”

“From rumors, I know she chooses employees,” added Miriam. “Employees around him. The bureau, secretary and then she knows everything about what’s going on. In my opinion, political appointments as well.”

“At dinner with us, she screamed so badly that Bibi told her that they’re leaving. She screamed that I’m sucking her blood. It was terrible. She lost it. I hugged her and told her ‘Sara, it will be okay.’ Bibi is smart, she simply is not healthy. As a doctor, I have compassion for unhealthy people. I treat addicts. She’s not healthy.”

“Another criminal leak with a penalty of three years imprisonment,” a statement on behalf of the prime minister said. “Apart from the names mentioned, there is not one word of truth in your false report. A pile of evil and delusional lies with the goal of harming Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife on the eve of the elections. The public already understands that Netanyahu’s cases are unfounded cases, based on false gossip and not on facts, but doesn’t understand on what two hundred and fifty million NIS was spent for the prime minister’s investigations.”