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Amid Gaza Rockets and Soaring Violence a New Government Is Needed More Than Ever

The joy or sadness (depending on one’s point of view) over the prenatal death of the “change government” are premature.

The determination that there will never be a government here supported by an Arab party is a wish held by those who were not enthusiastic about such a prospect in the first place.

Conditions which were not ideal to begin with are less comfortable now. But in practical terms and looking at things soberly, devoid of emotions, all the reasons and justifications for changing the incumbent government and its leader are even more valid than before. It won’t be a picnic, but it’s definitely doable.

The impressive capabilities demonstrated by Hamas, which shocked an entire country, are definitive evidence of Benjamin Netanyahu and his government’s clear policies over the last 12 years.

The vanquisher of terror and self-proclaimed “Mr. Defense” has been revealed, campaign after campaign, as a paper tiger.

He chose, consciously and for a prolonged time, to bolster Hamas vis-à-vis the Palestinian Authority.

His boastful words in 2009 about “toppling the Hamas government” were gradually downgraded to “restoring the deterrence.” By now, his combative speeches at ceremonies and on national holidays only impress the tweeters who work for him.

Hamas has never been so brazen and bold.

Scenes we have witnessed in recent days have never been seen in Arab communities.

Thousands of hotheaded criminal youths, in dozens of towns and cities, went on a rampage in Lod, Acre, Jerusalem and the Galilee, fearless and full of hatred.

This is a result of long years of neglect and incitement. Netanyahu is the prime minister of the Jews.

He doesn’t give a damn about the de facto autonomy that he neglected, unless its representatives can provide him with the votes needed to get the required majority of 61.

Naftali Bennett, Benny Gantz and their partners in the “change bloc” can only imagine what would have happened if the situation were reversed.

Netanyahu would have accelerated the negotiations over forming a coalition full-speed, arguing that it was an existential necessity, vital and urgent to replace such a bad government.

Publicly, he would have stood alongside IDF soldiers and their commanders.

In closed rooms he would have urged his partners to hurry up and sign, informing the president that he had succeeded while rushing to swear in his government at the Knesset.

He certainly would have not put the negotiations on hold.

In the meantime, Bennett and Lapid are signaling, cautiously, that they are looking forward to continuing. Defense Minister Benny Gantz was willingly dragged into the campaign by Netanyahu, marching in lockstep with him due to the circumstances. There are those who suspect him, yet again, of defecting to the other camp. His associates insist that he is unambiguously committed to the “change bloc.”

A list of failures, mishaps and disasters was our lot over the last year.

Scenes of evasiveness, sloppiness and shirking responsibilities were legion.

Scandalous appointments in every significant arena are now standard practice.

The rot starts at the top, as everyone knows.

The emblematic example is the appointment of Amir Ohana as public security minister.

A harmful, worthless person, he appeared before the media for the first time since the disaster at Mount Meron two weeks ago.

With his arrogant smile plastered across his smug face, he plunged a knife into the backs of the police, stating that there was no need to arrest the Jewish residents of Lod who shot their Arab neighbor during the serious riots that took place in that city.

Not only did he stab them in the back, he made it clear what his expectations of them are in the future.

Source: Yossi Verter – HAARETZ