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Anger, sorrow at images of decapitated child, charred bodies from Rafah attack

Politicians, journalists and doctors are taking to X to express their outrage and grief at Israel’s latest attack on a tent camp for displaced people in Rafah.

The attack ripped victims, including a child, to shreds and caused a huge blaze, burning people alive in their tents, according to witnesses and videos posted online.

Here’s some of the reaction:

Humza Yousaf, the former first minister of Scotland, wrote: “Days after the ICJ orders Israel to halt its military offensive in Rafah, the Israeli Government bombs displaced people living in tents. Innocent men, women & children dismembered and burnt alive. Bear witness to the images and

ask yourself, are you on the right side of history?”

  • Jagmeet Singh, a Canadian legislator and leader of the New Democratic Party, wrote: “Images of the IDFs airstrike hitting a camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah are horrifying. Images so terrible I won’t share them. The world is failing the people of Gaza. Canada is failing the people of Gaza.”

  • Mehdi Hassan, a US journalist, wrote: “There are videos coming out of Rafah today of beheaded babies. Actual beheaded babies that you can see for yourselves – not the beheaded babies that the Israeli authorities invented to justify their genocidal assault, or the ones that Biden falsely claimed to have seen pix of.”

  • Yipeng Ge, a Canadian doctor, wrote: “There is seriously something dystopian about this moment when Rafah is on fire being massacred and Palestinian healthcare is beyond overwhelmed after systematic and targeted sieges on hospitals […] While medical institutions in Canada are still seriously talking about how watermelons are considered offensive.”

Source: Al Jazeera