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Another Ukrainian offensive repelled near Artyomovsk – Moscow

Ukrainian forces have unsuccessfully attempted to storm Russian positions near the city of Artyomovsk in the last 24 hours, suffering heavy losses, the Defense Ministry in Moscow said on Tuesday.

In a statement, the ministry reported that Ukrainian troops had mounted two attacks in the direction of Kleshceevka, a settlement located some 10km south of Artyomovsk (known as Bakhmut in Ukraine).

Artyomovsk has gained prominence as a Donbass stronghold and the scene of bitter fighting for months, but was captured by Russian troops in late May.

“No penetration of our defenses was allowed,” the ministry stated, claiming that Kiev had lost up to 350 soldiers, two armored vehicles, and six others.

  • Over the same timeframe, Ukraine launched an offensive in the vicinity of the so-called Vremevsky ledge, the ministry said. The attack involved units “which were hastily put together using the remnants of Ukrainian brigades that had suffered heavy losses earlier,” it was claimed.

According to the ministry, Russian forces also repelled three Ukrainian attacks in the same area near the settlement of Makarovka, which were supported by tanks and armored personnel carriers (APC). Out of 10 APCs involved in the assault, eight were destroyed, the statement read.

  • Ukrainian attacks in the neighboring settlement of Rovnopol also failed, with two tanks and three armored fighting vehicles being destroyed, the ministry said.

It claimed Kiev’s combined losses in the area amounted to up to 275 soldiers, four tanks, 15 APCs, and other military hardware.

Ukrainian forces have been actively attempting to breach Russian defenses for at least a week as part of a long-anticipated counteroffensive. However, these efforts have thus far been without success, according to Moscow.

Commenting on the frontline situation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Kiev had suffered far heavier casualties than the “classic” three-to-one ratio often expected during offensive operations.

Speaking to CNN on Monday, Igor Zhovkva, an adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, confirmed that “some counteroffensive actions are already underway,” without offering details.

Source: RT