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Anti-lockdown protests break out in London, Warsaw, other European cities as coronavirus shutdowns linger

In Warsaw, Poland, law enforcement used tear gas on protesters, while police made arrests at a demonstration in London’s Hyde Park.

A number of protests against the government’s coronavirus policy and restrictive measures took place in various Germany cities, including Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart, on Saturday.

Police in several German cities enforced distancing rules as thousands of people gathered to vent anger over economies in freefall and perceived losses of freedom.

Police in Stuttgart said that the number of demonstrators exceeded the permitted threshold of 5,000; they directed other protesters to another open space. Police said they were enforcing a mask requirement under threat of a 300-euro ($325) fine.

The permitted number of 1,000 protesters also was reached in Munich at the site of the now-canceled Oktoberfest beer festival. It was one of a number of gatherings across the southern state of Bavaria.

The anti-lockdown protests, which follow similar demonstrations the weekend before, come despite Germany gradually easing restrictions on public life.

Shops and schools have re-opened in Germany, as well as playgrounds, churches and museums. Meanwhile, in a boost to sports fans, the country’s Bundesliga soccer league restarted at the weekend. Members of the public are required to wear masks while on public transport or shopping, however — a point of contention for anti-lockdown protesters.

Other issues raised by the demonstrators include anger at what they see as un-democratic government policies, restrictions on civil liberties and the belief that some measures, such as the wearing of face masks, are not rooted in scientific evidence.

Dozens of people, including a senator, were detained during a protest by business owners in the Polish capital against coronavirus restrictions, while police used tear gas against protesters. Warsaw officials said the gathering was illegal because they had not approved it.

Meanwhile in Warsaw, police used tear gas to disperse protesters who had gathered in the capital’s Old Town to demand that the government allow businesses to reopen following the coronavirus shutdown.

Reportedly carrying slogans such as: “Work and bread,” and: “It will be normal again,” protesters have demanded that the government act faster to re-open the economy.

Still, Poland is ahead of the U.K. when it comes to easing restrictions; in Britain, which has recorded the highest number of death from the coronavirus in Europe, only a few lockdown measures have been lifted.

Now, citizens are allowed unlimited exercise outside and two individuals from different households can meet (as long as it’s outside and if social distancing measures are observed), however most businesses remain closed.

In Britain, anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protesters held a gathering in Hyde Park in central London and were met by a heavy police presence.

The protesters chanted “Freedom” and held handmade signs. Some sat on the grass and had picnics while observing social-distancing guidelines while others ignored the rules and gathered in groups.

Officers tried to disperse the groups, threatening them with fines if they didn’t comply.

In London, 19 people were arrested for breaking social distancing rules at an anti-lockdown rally attended by hundreds of people on Saturday, the London Metropolitan Police Service said.

The protests came as multiple European cities have started to loosen some of the restrictions on movement, gatherings and business operations.

Header: Demonstrators cross the tramway rails during an anti-government protest on May 16, 2020 in Warsaw, Poland. Different social and economic groups took the street to show indignation towards the ruling party PiS (Law & Justice) and to protest against its lawlessness, the restrictions of civil rights and the lack of economic support towards businesses, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. NurPhoto

Source: FOX NEWS