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Anti-Netanyahu demonstrations to resume as groups warn of violence against protesters

Protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will resume Saturday at various junctions and bridges across Israel, with demonstrations also planned outside the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem and his private residence in Caesarea.

As dozens of protesters marched through the Meditech plaza in the central city of Holon, they were pepper sprayed by three youths, one of whom was subsequently arrested by the police.

Saturday’s protests follow a report that was aired on Friday on Israel’s three major news programs, which alleged that last week’s demonstrations posed a threat to the prime minister.

This week, activists from the protest movement reported that the police have blocked off roads to Jerusalem, preventing demonstrators from entering the city.

According to the activists, the police told them that entry to the city for the purpose of protesting was only permitted from 5:30 P.M.

A statement from Crime Minister, a key bloc within the protest movement, called on the police on Saturday to be extra vigilant, amid the increased incitement and comparisons of the protest movement to Trump supporters’ breach of Capitol Hill on Wednesday. “The writing on the wall and the police should wake up,” they wrote.

According to Friday’s reports, the prime minister and his family were evacuated to a safe room after an attempt by demonstrators to break into the compound of his residence last week.

However, the protesters did not appear to try to breach any barriers. As part of what they call “the siege on Balfour,” they sought to demonstrate near the permanent barrier outside the prime minister’s house, as opposed to the designated police area.

The Black Flag movement, one of the main groups in the protest movement, released a statement demanding that the “news channels correct the lie that was aired.”

Over the last two weeks, the protesters began their activities earlier in the afternoon, in anticipation of police deployment. The demonstrators managed to reach the barricade before they were forcibly evacuated by police and eight people were arrested. However, police did not claim they were trying to break into the prime minister’s house in court.

“In recent months, there has been a tough and brutal campaign of incitement against the demonstrators protesting against government corruption. As a result of the incitement, there have been hundreds of documented cases of assault. The way to halt this process and to get Israel back on track nis to impose term limits and to launch an uncompromising war on the culture of lies and corruption of the Netanyahu government,” the Black Flag movement’s statement continued.

Source: Nir Hasson, Bar Peleg and Noa Shpigel – HAARETZ