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Antisemitism Is a logical and rational reaction to Jewish behaviour

Facts are threatening to those invested in fraud

  • DaShanne Stokes

Antisemitism used to mean “someone who doesn’t like Jews,” but nowadays it means “someone that Jews don’t like for some reason or another.” The deliberate trick here is to make you think there is something wrong not with the Jewish baby killers, liars, or scum who are doing bad things but with the person noticing and reacting to the bad things these miscreants are doing.

So, what are the bad things that most people notice about Jews? Before naming and defining the most important ones, let’s first find out what Jews themselves say about antisemitism. Is it a rational and logical reaction to Jewish behaviour? Or is it, as most Jews claim, an irrational hatred of a totally harmless people who have been the innocent victims of human jealousy, vindictiveness, and persecution since the beginning of time?

Theodore Herzl, the Jewish father of Zionism, believed that hostility towards Jews was a natural consequence of their behaviour:

This perfectly understandable reaction follows from the defects of the Jews… The Jews are a people distinct and separate from others, whose interests are different, and often in conflict with those of the peoples among whom they live.[1]

A fact shared by Chaim Weizmann, the first president of the State of Israel:

Whenever in a country the number of Jews reaches a certain level of saturation, that country reacts against them… Now, this reaction is not antisemitism in the ordinary or vulgar sense of the word, but a universal social and economic consequence of Jewish immigration; it is impossible to ignore it.[2]

“It seemed to me,” writes Bernard Lazare, the Jewish author of the book Antisemitism, its History and Causes,

that an opinion as universal as antisemitism, having flourished in all places and at all times, before the Christian era and after, in Alexandria, Rome, Antioch, Arabia, and Persia, in medieval and modern Europe, in a word, in all parts of the world where there have been and where there are Jews, it seemed to me that such an opinion could not be the result of a whim and a perpetual caprice, and that there must be deep and serious reasons for its blossoming and its permanence.[3]

In his book The Sacred Chain. A History of the Jews, Jewish historian Dr. Norman F. Cantor, states the following:

It must be recognized, as it is rarely in the histories of the Jews, that [the] expressed resentment and indictments against the Jews were not entirely fictitious libels or maliciously revived and activated stereotypes simply disseminated by paranoid hate merchants from the grab bag of the antisemitic premodern past. There was just enough empirical truth in these negatives, overblown, and over-generated images to give them persuasive force.[4]

Jewish writer, publisher, and entrepreneur, Samuel Roth is pretty straight forward:

There is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fruit of the fury of their persecutors… We come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, we [Jews] are the deadliest persecutors in all the wretched annals of man.[5]

Now that we have established with sufficient certainty that antisemitism is a logical rational reaction to Jewish behaviour, let’s look into some of the most common causes of antisemitism?

Enemies of Humanity

This is without a doubt a major cause of antisemitism, even more so since the Jews of Israel, supported by the vast majority of the Jewish diaspora that’s colonizing and controlling Western countries, are committing genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, in front of the whole world, with a cruelty and determination that knows no bounds.

Never in the history of mankind has a race of people gone so quickly from being exceptional victims to exceptional murderers determined to exterminate the Palestinians under the pretext of recreating their homeland, the biblical Israel, an entity that never existed in the first place.

Palestine was never the homeland of the Jews. Biblical accounts are not supported by historical or archaeological discoveries.[6] “It’s a romantic fantasy,”[7] admits Jewish historian Norman F. Cantor in his book on Jewish history, The Sacred Chain. “The whole notion of Israel and its history is a literary fiction,” says Professor Thomas Thompson in his book The Mythic Past: Biblical Archeology and the Myth of Israel.[8]

  • The glorious kingdom of David and Solomon, the promised land stretching from the Euphrates to the Nile that Zionists claim to want to recreate, is a total fabrication. Solomon and his kingdom are a delusion. Jerusalem was never the capital of Israel. Modern archaeology has completely demolished these myths.[9] As Laurent Guyénot says in his book Our God is your God too, but he Has chosen us. Essays on Jewish Power,

When Ben-Gurion declared before the Knesset, three days after invading the Sinai in 1956, that what was at stake was “the restoration of the kingdom of David and Solomon,” and when Israeli leaders continue to dream of a Greater Israel of biblical proportions, they are merely perpetuating a two-thousand-year-old deception – a self-deception perhaps, but a deception nonetheless.[10]

Under the mantle of religion and the false biblical prophecy of a Greater Israel stretching from the Euphrates to the Nile, the Zionists are constantly seeking to expand their territory – Israel being the only country in the world with no fixed borders.[11] They follow and respect no convention, no treaty, no resolution; lie about everything and nothing; do whatever they please; practice torture, apartheid, racial nationalism, terrorism, slavery, and genocide; kill babies, pregnant women, and the elderly, rape young girls, brake the bones of kids with an obvious pleasure, in front of the whole world; start color revolutions and wars in neighboring countries in order to expand their territory; commit false-flag attacks; accumulate nuclear warheads which they threaten to use against the whole world if their Zionist project fails.[12]

You have to be as blind as a Christian Zionist or a US congressman not to see who Jews really are behind their sacrosanct “chosenness.”

Jewish Takeover of Our Governments and Institutions

Do you really think that no one notices the preponderance of Jews at the top levels of the social pyramid? Do you really think that no one has noticed that all governments in the West are either staffed and run by Jews or financed by Jewish donors?[13],[14],[15]

In America, according to American political analyst Paul Craig Roberts, the Deep State Neocons —that everyone talks about but no one dares to identify — are Jews. In fact, according to Roberts, in the Biden regime, for example, all powerful positions are held by Jews:

the Attorney General (the police), the Secretary of the Treasury (money), the Secretary of State (foreign policy and war). There is not a single White Anglo-Saxon Protestant in the Biden cabinet. What explains that in a country of Gentiles a tiny minority of Jews [3% of the population] occupy the power positions in the US government [27 of the 30 cabinet members], the power positions in the media, entertainment, Ivy league administrations and faculties, and finance.[16]

As a matter of fact, the whole British government is in the Jewish pocket. In a recent speech at a meeting of the Conservative friends of Israel (CFI), former British PM Liz Truss proudly proclaimed that she was a huge Zionist as she pledged support for Israel.[17] In fact, the CFI openly boasts that 80% of Conservative members of the British parliament are under its control. In former PM Truss’s government, there was in fact 16 Jews, 3 Blacks, and 6 Whites.[18] And although they represent less than 0.5% of the UK population, seven key ministers in unelected Rishi Sunak’s government are either Jewish, descended from Jews, or married to Jews.[19] This certainly explains why England is among the most virulent supporters of the Ukrainian war.

Even today’s royals, Prince William and Kate Middleton, for example, are both related by blood to the Jewish Rothschild family.[20] And the new king of Great Britain, Charles III, who was circumcised in 1948 by Rabbi Jacob Snowden,

has long had a good relationship with British Jews,” notes journalist Itamar Sharon, in the September 10, 2022, issue of The Times of Israel, “and in recent years has also shored up his bona fides with Israel… Charles himself has abiding ties to British Jewish leaders and institutions, and has shown a keen interest in the stories and lessons of the Holocaust… In 2022, Charles commissioned portraits of seven Holocaust survivors to be displayed at Buckingham Palace for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.[21]

The same thing can be said of all Western governments and institutions.[22] If they are not directly run by Jews, the backers of these puppet governments are disproportionally Jewish.[23] And more and more people are noticing how bad this occupation is for the countries concerned. Why is it so bad? Because the occupiers care little or not at all for the interests of the people of the countries they colonize. Israel and their tribe come first. The governments they control are mere proxies that they use to achieve their hegemonic goals.

Media Intimidation and Holocaust Victimization

Jews are said to be intelligent, genetically more intelligent than Whites. This would explain in part why they have always been so successful in almost everything. Why not, after all, let the best people win as long as they don’t harm others, because that’s really the only valid criterion. Do they want the good of everyone or just their own tribe? And are they really the smartest, the cream of the crop?

“No,” says Ron Unz, the Jewish owner and editor of one of America’s most influential conservative websites, The Unz Review, “given the poor performance of Jewish students on admissions tests, it is totally absurd and ridiculous that they are admitted in such large numbers to America’s elite universities. […] They are apparently admitted at a rate 1000% higher than equally intellectually deserving white students.”[24] How is this possible, with white students outnumbering them by 30-40 to 1?

Well, apparently nepotism has nothing to do with it, but “it’s not entirely clear,” writes Ron Unz, “and I don’t think it is,”[25]
even though most of the deans of these venerable institutions are Jewish, as are a disproportionate number of administrators and faculty members.

Unz leans more towards pressure from the American media, which is all Jewish-controlled. Thus, at the slightest drop in Jewish enrollment, the tribal watchdogs are quick to cry antisemitism, resulting in a subsequent increase in Jewish students. Admission officers, who are poorly paid and susceptible to bribery by the wealthy parents of Jewish applicants, are also believed to be responsible for this systematic bias.

But according to Ron Unz, most of this favouritism is due to the Holocaust. It would be enough for Jewish applicants to play the card of the grandmother gassed in Auschwitz to be admitted, to the great displeasure of White students, who view this unbearable anti-White racism with much disgust but are forbidden to fight back publicly on pain of being branded as antisemites.[26]

Hatred of Whites

According to Dr. Noel Ignatiev of Harvard University, the only way to change society in a profound way is to abolish the White race. Why? Because Dr. Ignatiev believes with a passion, along the following lines, that those damn Whites are mean and cruel, always trying to crush other races:

Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as “the white race” is destroyed—not “deconstructed” but destroyed. The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.

Dr. Ignatiev’s coreligionist Susan Sontag, born Rosenblatt, agrees whole-heartedly:

The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, etc., don’t redeem what this particular civilization has brought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.

Ignatiev and Sontag are dead, good riddance, but the war against Whites continues unabated.

To destroy this cursed race, advocates of Critical Race Theory (CRT) are determined to systematically denigrate, smear, and guilt trip Whites at work, in the classroom, in the universities, in the military and the police, in the media, in TV shows, and films everywhere, until they are completely demoralized and ready to vanish in the dustbin of history.

From morning to night, the only thing that will be talked about is race and the dirty little tricks that Whites have played on Blacks, Native Americans, Asians, Jews, and the whole non-white world to put it bluntly. As a result, White children will come to hate their parents, their culture, their history and its heroes. Disgusted, ashamed of their seal puppy skin colour, they will no longer want to mate with their fellow human beings in order to free humanity from their abject presence. To redeem themselves in the end, they will be holding the weapons used to batter their race into oblivion.

These CRT lunatics cannot get it through their heads that it is perfectly normal for countries founded by and for Whites to be biased in their favour! This is not systemic racism. Until recently, there were only Whites in White countries. They never expected to be invaded by coloured people from the Third World. Why would they gear their society towards minorities if they were absent from their territory? Besides, what are these aliens doing here in the first place? Who brought them here in such high numbers? Is someone trying to replace the White population with visible minorities? Who is responsible for this merciless war against Whites? Who invented CRT?

In his article, “Critical Race Theory as a Jewish Intellectual Weapon,” published in the June 21, 2021, issue of The Occidental Observer, journalist Edmond Connelly says the following:

It has long been a given that CRT is linked to the social engineering of our “hostile elite,” which in the language of the magazine, The Occidental Observer, means the powerful Jews and Jewish organizations that rule America and much of the West. CRT fits squarely into the mould of Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” category in which Jewish “gurus” concoct a Talmudic verbal assault whose main goal is the further destruction of Gentiles—literally.

More specifically, CRT is an outgrowth of cultural Marxism that weapon of mass destruction concocted by the Jewish Frankfurt School as a final solution to the White problem. The idea is to exterminate every last White, not brutally in a hot Stalin-like genocide, but gently in a cold Gramsci-like genocide through various means of subversion such as feminism, LGBT+, replacement immigration, forced race mixing by deceitful propaganda, and systematic demonization.

On social media, there are hundreds of Jewish “White” trolls busy demonizing Whites and making it seem like righteous Whites are at war with their own race when in reality it is the Jews who are at war with the White race:

Because of their ability to often pass as White, one of the most effective strategies Jews have of infiltrating and subverting White Christian nations is to take on a White identity and then speak for their “fellow White people.”

This shape-shifting phenomenon has been going on for years on Twitter (now X). One astute observer has painstakingly catalogued over 1,100 examples of Jews pretending to be White while at the same time denigra-ting Whites for being White, and then switching back to their Jewish identity to shield themselves from any criticism.[27]

Moreover, in order to put an end to any criticism of Jews, Israel and Jewish power, Jews introduce laws against incitement to hatred, but have no qualms about writing books with impunity that smear whites as something they are not.[28] But if white people do the same, they are immediately arrested and prosecuted for hate speech.

Is this profound hatred and double standard a cause of antisemitism? Of course it is. Most people keep quiet about it, but the boil of resentment is festering inside waiting for the first opportunity to go off.

Inordinate Pride

Jews have always felt they were better than others. According to Jewish journalist Uri Avnery of the online newspaper Counterpunch, “Jewish children are taught from early childhood that they are God’s chosen people. And unconsciously, this idea becomes ingrained in their minds for life, even though many of them become complete atheists.”[29]

Certainly, it is not a sin for anyone to feel good about themselves and proud of their race, nation, culture, and religion, but among Jews this pride takes pathological proportions: “God’s chosen people” here, “superior people” there, “light of humanity,” “humanity will not survive without us,” “special people,” “the most intelligent,” “G^d’s ambassador to the earth,” “we are the repairers of the world and no one else.”

As Michigan University professor of philosophy Dr. David Skrbina says:

These extreme statements go far beyond normal bounds. They indicate a kind of self-deception, a self-glorification, perhaps narcissism, perhaps a conceit. To be chosen by the creator of the universe, and to be granted the right to rule, ruthlessly, over all other nations, bespeaks a kind of megalomania that is unprecedented in history.[30]

Most people quickly come to dislike Jews when they see for themselves all the evil they do in this world from the top of their superiority. Who do they think they are? Who asked them to “fix” the world and to be exemplary to all humanity? Who elected them to do this work of subversion? Who does George Soros, born Schwartz, think he is to sow chaos everywhere by financing colour revolutions and domestic terrorists like Antifa and Black Lives Matter? And Bernard-Henri Lévy, who mandated him to start wars everywhere? What right does the founder of the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, Barbara Lerner Spectre, have to impose multiculturalism on Europe?

There is a resurgence of antisemitism because at this stage of its evolution, Europe has not yet learned to be multicultural. And I think that we [Jews] will be part of the effort to achieve this absolutely necessary transformation. Europe will no longer be composed of the monolithic societies of the past century. The Jews will be at the center of this upheaval. This is a major transformation for Europe. They will go into a multicultural mode, and we Jews will be hated because of the central role we will have played. But without this transformation and without our leadership, Europe will not survive.[31]

In the following citation, French writer Hervé Ryssen, jailed for criticizing Jews, expresses well the attitude that certain Jews arouse in many people who are disgusted by this intolerable interference in the affairs of nations and peoples:

The fact is that wherever Jews dominate, they bring militant homosexuality, transvestites, and drugs. They encourage immigration with all their might, make a mockery of ancestral traditions; in their novels, newspapers, and films, mock the religion of the natives who welcome them. Through the practice of interest-bearing loans, they drain immense fortunes and ruin the people, a fact which everyone has been complaining about for the last 2500 years (cf. The History of Antisemitism, 2010). And that’s without mentioning all those swindles that regularly hit the headlines and whose actors are invariably Jews (cf. The Jewish Mafia, 2008). As for Zionism, that’s something else again… in short, it must be said: the Jews are a pain in the ass! And if we are so few to open it, it is because they have judges, cops, and ministers in their pocket, and they terrorize the local populations with repressive laws. But all this will not last forever, you can rest assured.[32]

Masters in Deceit and Lying

“Numerous ancient sources criticize Jewish misanthropy and a willingness to lie, notes Davis Skrbina in his book The Jesus Hoax,

Ptolemy, for example, called the Jews “unscrupulous,” “treacherous,” “bold,” and “scheming.” Martin Luther — founder of the Lutheran church — wrote a rather infamous book titled On the Jews and Their Lies.

In 1798, The German philosopher Immanuel Kant called the Jews “a nation of deceivers” and in a later lecture he added, “the Jews are permitted by the Talmud to practise deceit.”

In his final book, Arthur Schopenhauer wrote: “We see [from Tacitus and Justinus] how much the Jews were at all times and by all nations loathed and despised. This was due in large part,” he says, “to the fact that the Jewish people were considered grosse Meister im Lügen ‘great master of lies.’”

And Nietzsche for his part saw it this way: “In Christianity, all of Judaism, a several century-old preparatory training and techniques of the most serious kind, attains its ultimate mastery as the art of lying in a holy matter. The Christian, this ultima ratio of the lie is the Jew. Once more—even three times a Jew.”

Similar comments came from express antisemites. Hitler called the Jews “‘artful liars’ and a race of dialectical liars,” adding that “existence compels the Jew to lie, and to lie systematically.” And Joseph Goebbels, in his diary, wrote: “The Jew was also the first to introduce the lie into politics as a weapon… He can therefore be regarded not only as the carrier but even the inventor of the lie among human beings.”[33]


To refuse to assimilate is one thing, but to pretend to assimilate while remaining Jewish and hostile to the majority is of the most extraordinary duplicity. When the Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut is in France, he proclaims his love for France to anyone who will listen, but when he is in Israel, France no longer has the right to his love: “I was born in Paris and am the son of Polish immigrants, my father was deported from France, his parents were deported and murdered in Auschwitz, my father returned from Auschwitz to France. This country deserves our hatred.”[34]

On another scale, the all-powerful and highly organized Jewish diaspora, scattered among other nations, nowhere more abundantly than in the United States of America and Europe, preaches at home in Israel exactly the opposite of what it preaches everywhere else in the West with an aplomb that borders on schizophrenia. Thus, in Israel, Jews are fiercely against race-mixing, marriage for all, illegal immigration, minority rights, democracy, universalism, and fiercely for the right of blood, borders, an ethnic or even a racial state, separatism, patriarchy, and the carrying of weapons. Here is how George Orwell defines “doublethink:”

Holding two opinions simultaneously that cancel each other out even though you know they are contradictory and believing in both. To use logic against logic. To repudiate morality while one claims to be a moralist. To believe at the same time that democracy is impossible and that the Party is the guardian of democracy. To forget everything that it is necessary to forget, and then to recall it to one’s memory when one needs it, in order to forget it even more quickly. Above all, apply the same process to the process itself. This was the ultimate subtlety. To consciously persuade the unconscious, then to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis that one has just perpetrated. The very understanding of the word “doublethink” implied the use of doublethink.[35]

Most alleged Jewish right-wing conservatives, with few exceptions, perfectly embody this “doublethink” not only in their own psychology, but between themselves and between themselves and non-Jews. It is in fact a “triple think,” and if the goats understood Hebrew, they would “quadrathink” them to death, so skilled are they at this trickster game!

So, all these alleged Jewish right-wing figures on the Internet and in the media, with few exceptions, are basically there to steer non-Jews away from discussing the real problem: Jewish power and control.

Hyper Ethnocentrism

The fact that Jews are more loyal to their own people than to the nation in which they live, the fact that they are a “state within a state” does not help them to be loved either. As Kevin MacDonald has convincingly shown in his book Separation and its Discontents, hyper Jewish ethnocentrism ensures that the other communities among which they live do not exist: “Indeed, at the extreme, when there is a very powerful commitment to the Jewish in-group, the world becomes divided into two groups, Jews and Gentiles, with the latter becoming a homogenized mass with no defining features at all except that they are non-Jewish.”[36] Whether in ancient Rome, in the Middle Ages or today, Jews have always placed their communal interests above the common good. They love only themselves, it’s biological: “It’s a phenomenal display not of wickedness, really, but of fierce ethnocentrism, a sort of furtive racial super patriotism.”[37]
This exaggerated tribalism has always been a constant source of popular antisemitism throughout history.

Type of Occupation

In medieval Europe, the unpopularity of Jews was largely due to their professional activities. They worked mainly as brokers or merchants. They were repelled by manual labour. Since Christians were not allowed to practise usury, they had a monopoly on the money trade, lending at an interest rate of between 20 and 40 per cent, and even 65 per cent. Some of this money explains Kevin MacDonald was paid as taxes to the kings and aristocrats with whom they formed alliances. They were also exemplary tax collectors, for feeling separate from the nation they colonized, they had few qualms about collecting the most unjust taxes. Known for their harshness, the people hated them. But the nobles, who used them to enrich themselves, protected them against the pogroms that they triggered by their behaviour.[38],[39] And this has hardly changed, the Jews are still the people of money. Their disproportionate involvement, compared to their tiny demographic weight, in usury, financial speculation and scams such as the carbon tax, the FTX scandal, Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi schemes, the Sackler’s opioid crisis, and in a wide variety of illicit trades such as white slavery, prostitution, child trafficking, pornography, the organ trade, and illicit drugs, is notorious.[40],[41],[42]

Should Jews be criticized like everyone else?

“Most people know,” notes Charles Bausman, editor of the Russia Insider website, in an article titled It’s Time to Lift the Jewish Taboo, “that it is strictly taboo to use the word ‘Jew,’ to criticize Jews as a group in the media. You can’t even criticize a small subset of Jews, a tiny percentage of the Jewish population, even when they fully deserve it.”[43]

Why is that? Well, “to know who rules over you,” a phrase often used but wrongly attributed to Voltaire, “ask yourself who you can’t criticize.”

With their money and power, this international mafia controls the media and everyone that has any authority in our society: journalists, bankers, politicians, judges, prosecutors, police, etc. If you criticize them, they will find any excuse to shut you down with a virulent media assassination and an accusation of antisemitism or incitement to hatred.

In the end, this Jewish taboo on criticism is another cause of antisemitism that sometimes finds an outlet in unexpected ways.[44] “It must stop,” cries out E. Michael Jones on a Slovakian YouTube channel, “we must have the right to criticize them without being considered antisemites! These people, if we let them, will lead us straight to a world war.”[45]


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Source: Pierre Simon – UNZ REVIEW