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Arab killed after throwing firebombs at IDF soldiers

A 17-year-old Arab terrorist, was shot dead Wednesday after throwing Molotov Cocktails at a group of soldiers in Hevron for several minutes.

About 20 Palestinians hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at a military post and a riot broke out after IDF forces attempted to disperse the rioters.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit issued a statement, saying only troops opened fire after feeling immediate danger.

“During a violent riot that took place in the city of Hebron, IDF troops identified Palestinian lobbing petrol bombs at them and opened in response to remove the threat,” read the statement. “Violent riots have been going on for a few days in Hebron next to the city’s Jewish settlement. Dozens of Palestinians hurled rocks, set tires on fires and lobbed petrol bombs at IDF and security forces.”

This is the second incident this week of Palestinian rioters lobbing firebombs at IDF soldiers near Hebron after an Israeli border police officer was hit by a Molotov cocktail on Monday. The officer managed to put out the fire with no injury to himself or others.