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Arab media reports: Hamas ‘executed’ local clan member in Gaza City

Hamas has killed the leader of the powerful Doghmush clan in Gaza City, for allegedly stealing humanitarian aid and being in contact with Israel, according to unconfirmed Arab media reports.

  • The reports said that the clan leader, who was not named, was “executed” in the family compound along with two others.

Earlier this week, a Hamas-linked website warned Palestinian individuals or groups against cooperating with Israel to provide security for aid convoys amid the spiraling humanitarian crisis as war rages in Gaza, sparked by the terror group’s October 7 attack.

Source: TOI

Major Gaza clan says it considers all Hamas members legitimate targets after leader assassinated

The Doghmosh Family — a major clan in Gaza — has issued a statement declaring that all Hamas members are legitimate targets after its leader was assassinated by members of the terror group along with ten other relatives allegedly for stealing humanitarian aid and being in contact with Israel.

  • The statement pledges retribution against all responsible and warns Hamas fighters not to test the clan’s patience.

Source: TOI