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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that the US resembles the Nazis in their current policy, in an interview with RIA Novosti and the TV channel Russia 24, on November 14th.

In the interview, Assad further spoke of how Damascus views the Russian-Turkish memorandum on the situation in the north of the country and how these agreements are being implemented.

He further spoke about how the Syrian authorities are in dialogue with the Kurds and who is standing in the way of this, what is being done to return refugees to the country and how to return the Kurdish population to normal peaceful life in Syria.

Assad also shared his opinion on why the US is stealing Syrian oil, what Damascus will do in this regard.

Finally, he spoke of who could benefit from the death of one of the founders of the White Helmets organization, James Le Mesurier.

“Not only because they steal oil, but because the United States is a state built as a political regime on bandit groups. The American president does not represent the state, he is only the CEO of the company, the CEO sits at the board of directors, the board, in turn, represents large American companies that are the real owners of the state: these are oil companies, arms manufacturers, banks and other lobbies.”

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