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Australia’s Scott Morrison’s Women’s Network Logo ‘That Looks Like D*ck & Balls’ Savaged Online

A logo of a particular branch of Australia’s department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) got mocked online by social media users not long after first being revealed.

The logo in question is of the Women’s Network, described by Daily Mail Australia as Morrison’s “personnel department that champions gender equality in the government”.

The logo itself looks like a stylized purple letter “w” alongside a vaguely oblong shape (also purple), with some social media users comparing this sight to an eggplant or a particular part of the male anatomy.

“Wonder if the logo shrinks when cold”, one Reddit user quipped.

“I know you all think it looks like a d*ck and balls, but to me it looks like a tampon,” noted another.

And one Twitter user simply remarked that “today it was someone’s job to brief Scott Morrison that a women’s network logo that looks like dick and balls went viral.”