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Israel: Bar Rafaeli to do community service, mother to go to jail in proposed plea bargain

Supermodel Bar Refaeli and her parents, who are suspected of tax evasion and perjury, have proposed a plea bargain to state prosecutors, one that would include a prison sentence for the celeb’s mother, Tzipi, Channel 13 News reported Monday.

A year ago the State Prosecutor’s Office tax and economic department informed Bar Refaeli and her parents, Tzipi and Rafi Refaeli, that they might be prosecuted, subject to a hearing, for tax offenses in the concealment of about 30 million shekels ($8.6 million) in income. The parents are also suspected of money laundering, after it was claimed they declared they are the beneficiaries of the accounts, when in fact the beneficiary was their daughter. To date no indictment has been filed and there are contacts for arranging a plea bargain.

The Refaelis proposed that Tzipi would serve a prison sentence of about a year and a half, while Bar would do community service. As far as is known, the proposal has yet to receive a reply from the state prosecution. The parties refused to respond.

Bar Refaeli and her parents are suspected of giving false information to the income tax assessor, and hiding relevant information in order to conceal Bar Refaeli’s connection to Israel. One of the claims regards the apartments she purchased in Israel. According to the suspicion, the three omitted her name from the apartment listings, while presenting false information to the authorities.

Tzipi Refaeli is also suspected of failing to report income of about 3 million shekels from commissions she received from her activity as her daughter’s agent, by making deposits in foreign bank accounts in the name of Bar Refaeli or companies that she controls.

In one of the civil procedures involving Bar Refaeli, she was required in April 2019 to pay tax on her income as an Israeli resident in 2009 and 2010. According to the District Court ruling, against which she appealed to the Supreme Court, she must pay tax of about 8 million shekels on income of about 16 million shekels.

As a result of her modeling and investment career, her net worth was estimated at US $20 million in 2015, and was the highest paid model in Israel according to Forbes Israel in 2013.

Header: Bar Refaeli at the Venice Film Festival, Italy, August 29, 2019. Credit – YARA NARDI/ REUTERS