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Battle for Ugledar: Russian forces lost initiative on battlefield for Ugledar

To the south of Ugledar, the Russian military is holding its stronghold in the town of Pavlovka, while heavily shelling the Ukrainian stronghold and encircling the city. Russian forces are already holding control of the area of the so-called “dachas” located east of the road. In their turn, Ukrainian forces attempt to counter attack on the northern outskirts of the “dachas” district which was almost completely destroyed by the shelling.

The city of Ugledar remains under Ukrainian control.

Russian strike on the highest observation point of Ukrainian forces,

Destruction of Ukrainian military positions,

So far, the Russian offensive, which began at the end of January, has been stopped. The Ukrainian military managed to take advantage of their defense in a city located in the Ukrainian steppe and the miscalculations of the Russian military command.

  • On January 23-24, the fighters of the 155 brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet and the 7 operational-combat tactical unit broke through the defense of the AFU and occupied the outskirts of the city located west of Nikolskoe.

Taking the Ukrainian military by surprise, Russian forces continued their advance and managed to gain a foothold on the south-eastern outskirts of Ugledar. After that, the Russian units continued to expand their zone of control on the eastern outskirts of the city, including in the so-called dachas region. At the same time, Russian forces began storming the western outskirts of Ugledar, advancing from their main stronghold in Pavlovka.

Ukrainian tank firing from its position near the residential building in Ugledar.

All the attempts of the AFU to counterattack failed. However, in their turn, Russian forces failed to cut the supply roads to the city during the first days of the major offensive.

The Ukrainian military command has hastily begun to strengthen the defensive grouping in the city, artillery firing positions were moved to a safe distance, and mortar crews were constantly mining the outskirts. The transfer of military supplies to the Ukrainian grouping along the Ugledar— Konstantinovka—Maryinka road continued.

The Ukrainian military command was forced to send important reinforcement to Ugledar from other front lines. By the end of January, the Russian military lost the initiative on the battlefield. Positional battles broke out on the outskirts of the city.

In order to hit the Ukrainian positions from the flanks, additional motorized infantry units were deployed in the region by the Russian military command.

Since the outskirts of the city were heavily mined, the Russian column could only move along the narrow passage which was observed by Ukrainian forces from the heights in Ugledar. As a result, in early February, one of the Russian columns was stopped by Ukrainian fire. Videos of the incident filmed by the Ukrainian drones were widely shared online.

According to the loud claims of the Ukrainian media, the column of the famous 155 brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet was completely destroyed, dozens of Russian tanks and servicemen were allegedly destroyed.

However, it turned out that one of the combined arms brigades of the Russian Army was damaged. The footage confirmed that only a few Russian tanks were destroyed, several others were damaged. Most of the Russian military personnel were evacuated.

Source: Southfront