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BDS – supporting Rashida Tlaib uses Israeli tech for her personal website

“Democratic Majority for Israel today congratulates Congress woman Rashida Tlaib for breaking her boycott of Israel,” the DMI said in a statement.

Tlaib was the first Palestinian-American woman elected to Congress in recent elections and is a staunch supporter of BDS, the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement against Israel.

The comment came after on Sunday a UK-based Israeli advocacy group showed that Tlaib’s website was apparently created using, an Israeli company that creates tools for building internet sites.

In a video published on the Facebook page of the Israel Advocacy Movement, founder Joseph Cohen displayed a screen capture of the code used for Tlaib’s website which showed it was created using

“That’s right, the Palestinian queen of BDS has a website that was built and bought from Israel,” Cohen says.

“While she’s telling America to boycott Israel, she’s personally benefiting from their technology,” he said, and noted that Tlaib’s current website was also up and running during her election campaign to become representative for Michigan.

The sites listed by the Israel Advocacy Movement were those of boycott supporters Ahmed Masoud, Said Durrah, George Abraham, Washington University Students Against Apartheid, Students Against Apartheid at the University of Utah, Cambridge University Palestine Society, Shropshire Friends of Palestine, Football for Palestine, Citizens for Justice in the Middle East, Team Palestina, and Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel.


Source: The Times of Israel