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Ben Gurion Airport will not close during lockdown

The cabinet ministers today decided that during the closure period that will begin this coming Friday, Israelis will be allowed to leave and enter Israel through Ben Gurion Airport in accordance with Purple Badge restriction guidelines.

These are only flights that have already been approved. Immigrants will also be allowed to arrive in Israel on a regular basis.

A citizen leaving home for the airport must bring a valid flight ticket 4 hours before the flight time and will be allowed unlimited movement beyond 500 meters from his residence.

Citizens leaving for a “green country” will return to Israel without isolation, but must observe closure conditions in Israel. Israelis traveling to a red state must return to isolation in Israel. In the event that a green country turns red, four-day advance warning will be given during which it will be possible to return to Israel without isolation.

Currently, it is possible for Israelis to enter and return without isolation to three green countries. Health Ministry representatives warn that two of the three – Bulgaria and Croatia – may “turn red” in coming days.

All passengers must declare their responsibility to the destination country in terms of presenting required coronavirus test results.

The Health Ministry says that Ben-Gurion airport will remain open during the upcoming lockdown, but only on those flights that are already scheduled to fly.

It says already scheduled incoming and outgoing flights will be able to continue, in line with existing guidelines. That will include ticket-holders and those who purchase tickets on the already scheduled flights.

New immigrants will also be able to fly into their new country.

The ministry also warns that two of the three remaining countries that Israelis may travel to without having to quarantine, Bulgaria and Croatia, are in danger of having that “green” status revoked in the coming days.

A government website listing the status of various countries is no longer working. The ministry had earlier announced a list of over a dozen “green” countries.

Source: Arutz Sheva