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Benjamin Netanyahu has a classic profile of an American agent who was implanted in the Israeli government

“Benjamin Netanyahu spent a significant part of his childhood in the United States and also studied there after his military service.

As part of his academic studies in the United States, he was involved in pro-Israel activities.

Benjamin Netanyahu changed his name to White Nitai [Ben Nitay], received media exposure and began to be perceived as active in US Centers for Israel as befits any self-respecting agent in name.

Link Here, you can see the Netanyahu under the name Nitai-year-old television star against a Palestinian state:

http: // www.

Towards the end of his studies, Netanyahu began working for the Boston Consulting Group, a leading international consulting firm in the United States. Confession of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.

Naturally, these companies also become a workplace for retired agents after they leave the CIA.

On this matter, see the company’s website on BCG for her work with former CIA agents in the company.


Teaming with talented BCG colleagues is one of the most satisfying experiences I have had. Jing Principal, Philadelphia

Coming from an academic environment, I have high standards for co-workers. At BCG, I have been continuously amazed by the colleagues I work with. Their background experiences range from ex-CIA agent, to ex-professional juggler, to ex-astrophysicist. Together, we form exceptional teams that not only deliver high quality, innovative ideas, but also make working together tremendous

Netanyahu’s work in the aforementioned company allegedly indicates that the aforementioned was trained for his mission to the United States.

In 1976 his brother Yonatan Netanyahu was killed in Operation Entebbe and became a national hero. The fame and sympathy for his late brother to lead this time not small pro-Israel organizations but Israeli politics as a whole, and so he did.

In 1977, Benjamin Netanyahu returned to Israel and established an institute named after his brother in the field of international terrorism. One can only imagine where the funds and connections for the establishment of the institute came from and indeed very quickly Netanyahu’s institute became a household name for understanding international terrorism, it organized conferences and lectures at which no less than the US security and political elite appeared. Bush, George Schultz, head of the STATE DEPARTMENT and even the head of the CIA, the suspicion is that the appearance of these dignitaries at Netanyahu’s conferences was not in vain and that the intention was to give maximum impetus to the above in his public activities. It should be emphasized that George Bush his father was head of the CIA 1975-1976 period immediately apparent Netanyahu’s recruitment into the ranks of the CIA.

It was not long until the bait is swallowed by Moshe Arens who welcomed Netanyahu to serve as a delegate of Israel in Washington. Hence Netanyahu’s way was paved ambassador came And then at the entrance to the Likud and taking over the party.

When he was elected prime minister in 1996, Netanyahu raced after Arafat and American policy in the Middle East as no right-wing prime minister dared to do before him.
MK Dalia Itzik raised on the Knesset podium the suspicions against Netanyahu that he is a CIA agent and mentioned the many names under his US ID number.

  • See at the end articles on the subject in English from the Jerusalem Post and others.

Due to lack of sufficient evidence the affair faded and was almost forgotten from the national consciousness.

For the Americans, Netanyahu was a breach of the Likud dam, which blocked the implementation of their policy in the Middle East.

Netanyahu advanced to the Wai agreements and was two fingers away from signing a comprehensive agreement for an Israeli withdrawal to Line 67 in accordance with American dictates and their promises to the Saudis.

In this regard, it is worth reading the Knesset article on the assassination of Rabin and the alleged motives of the Americans in planning the assassination:

In this regard, it is also worth remembering that Netanyahu did nothing after coming to power to investigate the suspicions of the GSS and an outside source in Rabin’s assassination, his conduct is consistent with the heavy suspicions that the United States was behind the assassination and that Netanyahu refrained from revealing her involvement.

Netanyahu was unable to lead the STATE DEPARTMENT (US State Department) programs to the end and was shamefully expelled from power by right-wing parties.

But this did not end Netanyahu’s political career (for his alleged operatives), Israeli politics is saturated with examples of failed prime ministers who have repeatedly returned to power.

Netanyahu has embarked on a rapid enrichment in the best of the CIA’s tradition of transferring so-called legitimate funds to transplant recipients on her behalf at the top of foreign governments.

Netanyahu, who he claimed was without a penny after leaving the prime minister’s throne, embarked on a lecture tour throughout the United States in which he became very wealthy and raised the funds needed to return to politics and build a villa in Caesarea.

Injecting money into politicians in this way is a surefire way to pass the criticism of the press and of the State Comptroller’s offices.

Sources on behalf of are transferring “donations” to universities on the condition that some of these funds will be used to fund lectures by the politician who is required to bribe.

This is how Netanyahu quietly prepared the economic infrastructure for his return to power.

In the case of Ehud Barak, his sudden enrichment went through a masking of a consulting company in which the aforementioned got rich in a short time, an issue we will not expand on here.

Millions did not get rich after leaving the prime minister’s throne, and in conclusion from all of the above, there is a very strong suspicion that Netanyahu has turned the State of Israel into a South American state controlled by the Americans.

It is important to understand for the Americans that the State of Israel is nothing more than a bargaining chip and currency for trade with the Arab world and especially the Gulf states, accordingly the US will have no problem trading in the strategic interests of Israel and even destroying it as long as the return from the Arab world is worth it. In line with the political worldview of the Americans at the time, beyond the above description in his resume, it will be clarified that Netanyahu’s personality also matches the profile of a foreign agent, his unreliability, his ability to say anything and his very convincing military record and outward appearance make him an ideal agent.

Above indicates strong suspicion that Netanyahu allegedly joined a long list of traitors who brought disaster to the people of Israel: from Flavius Josephus, including. to Rudolf Kasztner, Teddy Kollek and others.



Jerusalem Post

THE question of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s past was raised in the Knesset by three MKs yesterday, all of whom promised they did not wish to launch a personal attack on him. On Tuesday, Knesset Speaker Dan Tichon removed a motion on the subject from the agenda saying the phrasing of its title “Who are you, Binyamin Netanyahu?” was insulting. Dalia Itzik (Labor), who filed Tuesday’s motion, refiled it with the name “The publications about Binyamin Netanyahu.” The result was the few MKs present heard all about the newspaper reports, but were left no wiser about Netanyahu’s identity during the years he spent in the US.

Steve Leibowitz
Jerusalem Post

THE suspicions surrounding Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s US Social Security number are still, to a large degree, unresolved.

The Jerusalem Post confirmed the real number 172-42-6111 with the Boston Consulting Group, where Netanyahu worked for about a year in 1979-80. But his use of a different number remains a mystery. According to US federally-regulated credit reports from as recently as early July, Netanyahu and a man named John J. Sullivan both used Social Security number 020-36-4537.

The story was initially reported by the Ha’ir newspaper …

Electronic Telegraph

International News

Thursday July 4 1996 Issue 420

Netanyahu is pressed over American ‘aliases’

By Anton La Guardia in Jerusalem

ISRAEL’S Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, came under mounting pressure from opposition MPs yesterday to clear up mysteries about his past, particularly allegations that he used a variety of names in the United States.

Amid rumors that Mr Netanyahu may have worked secretly for the US government during his 11 years in America, Palestine the Speaker of the Israeli parliament yesterday agreed Informationto allow the issue to be raised after MPs failed several times to table questions.

He had previously ruled that one motion, entitled “Who are you Benjamin Netanyahu?” and presented by the Labor MP Dalia Itzik, was insulting.

“I have serious reason to suspect that the Prime Minister is concealing something,” she said yesterday after tabling a watered-down version. The affair started last week when Kol Hair, a Left-wing weekly newspaper in Jerusalem, reported that Mr Netanyahu’s social security file in the United States contained four different names – Benjamin Netanyahu, Benjamin Nitai, John J Sullivan and John J Sullivan Jr. Even murkier was the disclosure that the file had been marked “Secret”.

The paper said this can be done only by the CIA, the FBI or the Internal Revenue Service for specific categories of people – employees of the government and the three agencies; their undercover agents; witnesses under the witness protection program; wanted criminals and terrorists.

Tamar Gozansky, a member of the mainly Arab Hadash faction, was denied the right to table a question asking whether Mr Netanyahu had worked for the CIA. Mr Netanyahu has previously admitted using the family name Nitai when he was a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1970s, apparently because the shortened version was easier for Americans to pronounce. “I am amazed that this ridiculous personal campaign did not die down with the end of the election campaign.”

Congress received him with great fanfare. President Clinton, who during a recent election campaign had backed his rival, Shimon Peres, appears to have had a change of heart. Yet who is Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and why did the political elite in the US accept him with such warmth? A few important facts about Netanyahu and his objectives – which the US media has obstinately neglected to report – help to clarify the enigma.

Netanyahu has lived both in Israel and the US: first grade in Israel, second and third in the US; fourth through eighth in Jerusalem, high-school in suburban Philadelphia; military service in Israel, BA. and MA. at MIT. He held DUAL CITIZENSHIP, which enabled him to travel freely between both countries, study in the US, receive federal loans to cover his education costs at MIT and work legally. Like every US citizen, Netanyahu has a social security number, a credit account, and numerous other files in a variety of government offices.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu’s files differ from those of most US citizens. The Israeli weekly Hai’r reports that four requests for credit approval appear in US social security file number 020-36-4537. Under each request one finds a different name: Benjamin Netanyahu, Benjamin Nitai, John Jay Sullivan and John Jay Sullivan Jr. – ONE MAN, FOUR NAMES.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the name Israel’s current Prime Minister was given at birth and which he now uses. In June 1973, during his studies at MIT, Netanyahu submitted a petition to the Boston court, asking to change his name from Netanyahu to Nitai; “I prefer a shorter name,” he wrote on the request form. The petition was approved, thus the second name has an explanation. The last two names, however, remain a mystery. Furthermore, the address attached to these names – somewhere in Malibu, California – does not exist. Who then is John Jay Sullivan?

Biranit Goren and Einat Berkovitch from Hai’r tried to find out. They looked into Netanyahu’s credit account. This file is supposed to hold information regarding bank accounts, loans, credit cards and so forth; yet, surprisingly the file was empty. It is as if Netanyahu never had a debt, had never taken out a loan, and always paid his bills up front and in cash.

Goren and Berkovitch then attempted to examine Netanyahu’s social security file, but were denied access. They did, however, find out that Netanyahu’s file has a different classification than most. They were denied access not merely due to the 1974 privacy act, but because the file had a “CONFIDENTIAL” classification. Goren and Berkovitch have explained that such a classification only applies to five categories of people: those who work for one of the three federal agencies – FBI, CIA, IRS – or those who are considered to be terrorists or criminals. Since it is ‘UNLIKELY’ that Netanyahu fits the latter two categories, or that he worked for the IRS, it appears that he was on the payroll of a security agency – the CIA or FBI.

According to Israeli law, a person who runs for Knesset (the Israeli parliament) cannot hold DUAL CITIZENSHIP. Netanyahu claims that in 1982 he gave up his US citizenship, yet he is unwilling to grant the press access to his file located in the US embassy in Tel-Aviv – the file which holds information regarding his citizenship. Interestingly, the status of his files in the US has not changed, so ACCORDING TO US LAW, Netanyahu REMAINS a US CITIZEN.

Netanyahu – the person who in 1982 left his job as a furniture salesman to be a POLICY ADVISOR at the ISRAELI EMBASSY in Washington DC, and within 14 years became PRIME MINISTER – is still in many ways a conundrum. By contrast, his political objectives are becoming clearer.

An Israeli proverb asserts that the intention of a person can be understood by examining the goals of his friends. And indeed, in order to gain insight into Netanyahu’s political objectives it is well worth looking at his acquaintances and financial supporters. Goren and Berkovitch report that Hagen-Daz founder Reuben Matheus, who contributed (until his death sometime last year) millions of dollars to Kahana’s fascist political party and to the Jewish settlement in Hebron, also contributed to Netanyahu. Marvin Josephine, the head of ICM, one of the biggest publishing companies in the US, is considered a major contributor to the Likud, and more specifically to Netanyahu. Another donor is Barry Slotnik, an attorney who has among his clients the Italian and RUSSIAN MAFIA. Slotnik was also a friend of Kahana, acclaiming him one of the biggest heroes in Jewish history). Ted Arison who owns cruise lines in the US is considered not only a friend, but a confidant. His Calridge-Arison group is interested in purchasing “Bank Hapoalim,” the second largest in the country.

Contributors and political allies from Australia, Joseph Brender, Bernard Moss, Mark Bissan and Jack Mendel, wish to invest in Israeli real-estate and the textile industry. Mendel, one should note, lets Netanyahu use his luxury condo in Tel-Aviv. Sandy Eisenshtat, who allows Netanyahu to use his Jerusalem condo, owns an Israeli oil and gas company. In London, Netanyahu often stays with RUPERT MURDOCH.

Finally, from the Esteè Lauder cosmetic dynasty, Netanyahu’s ally RONALD LAUDER, who ran for mayor against Rudolph Giuliani. During his election campaign, Lauder called Giuliani an impostor who was not conservative enough to be a member of the Republican Party. Lauder is founder, major contributor, and chairman of Shalem Institute, a right wing think tank located in Jerusalem. Dr. Hazoni, the Institute’s director, told Hanna Kim from the Israeli daily Ha’aretz that the Heritage Foundation in DC, and the Center for Social Policy Studies in London are his models. Like Heritage which is thought to have developed Reaganomics, and the Center for Social Policy which designed what is now called Thatcherism, it seems that Shalem Institute will introduce what in years to come will be known as NETANYISM. – (excerpted)

by Neve Gordon

  • Translated