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Bennett: Disgraceful government has to go

Following a special emergency discussion with senior economic officials on the subject of ‘exit plans for the unemployment epidemic’, Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett held live broadcast on Facebook during which he announced that the State of Israel is heading towards a third lockdown.

During the live briefing, Bennett said, “I appeal to those on unemployment. I urge you to return to work even though it is convenient to be unemployed or to learn to use a computer. Make yourself of employment value, do not wait for the government.”

“Israel must allow business owners to start their businesses. If the government has proven something in this crisis that it does not know how to manage and this government has failed miserably. In the last six months I have met hundreds of business owners and they told me not to help them, just do not harass them, We must not see the private sector as an enemy,” he said.

“Unfortunately government ministers like the finance and health minister do not know what it is like to issue an invoice or fire employees, do not know what it is current plus 60. It is not a crime they do not know but they must go out and learn. This government is destroying businesses,” Bennett attacked.

When asked if he would pledge not to sit in a government under Netanyahu, Bennett responded:

“I pledge at any given moment to do what is good for the State of Israel. There are no elections at the moment. I am clear in my positions, I am currently busy saving lives. I see that Netanyahu and the ministers are proud to have bought vaccines. All western nations have purchased vaccines.”

Bennett was later asked about the possibility of forming an alternative government and replied, “An election campaign at this time is a bad thing. There is something worse and it is this government, which is a government that simply abandons the citizens of Israel. They failed in the moment of truth. This failure is is a crime. The government is not interested in Israel’s citizens. And it’s wrong, it’s unacceptable. Where does this disconnect come from? Where do you meet people. Why did you come into politics? I do not understand this. It’s the highest level of criminal negligence. It’s a disgraceful government for citizens and behaves irresponsibly. I see the Transportation Minister, who turned the ministry into a job machine and stopped projects. The ministry does not belong to you. The ministries belong to all the people of Israel.”

Bennett stressed, “I’m not currently dealing with the question of whether I’m going to be prime minister. I’m dealing with the coronavirus, education, we’re preparing for a third lockdown.”

“The first task of the leadership is to reassure,” Bennett declared, “to reassure Jews and Arabs, whether left and right or religious and secular. We are all in one boat. We all have a desire to contribute. The direction at the moment is not good. The direction of the prime ministers currently leading us is bad. It is still possible to save the country, but not with the current leadership.”

SourceArutz Sheva