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Bennett: Establish emergency govt. led by Netanyahu now

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett called on Blue and White chairman MK Benny Gantz to join a national emergency government led by Prime Minister Netanyahu in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Citizens of Israel, this is an emergency, and at such a time a national emergency government headed by Netanyahu is needed. Unity now – arguments later,” Bennett said.

“We will pass a law that will freeze the entire political process for six months, and after six months we can all go back to exactly where we were and continue to argue. No party will lose its power or ability to negotiate,” he explained.

Bennett emphasized: ”The virus does not detect political opinions and this requires us to have broad national unity. I call on my friends in the Zionist parties, right and left: enter under the bannwr, join a national emergency government now.”

Earlier, Blue and White MK Yoaz Hendel tweeted out a message in support of a unity government in wake of the coronavirus outbreak.”In the first place, a unity government needed to cure Israeli society, and now is had become the order of the day,” he said.