Bennett: Help me wake up the government

Former Defense Minister and Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett on Thursday accused the government of laziness and warned that a million Israelis will lose their livelihoods if the number of coronavirus tests is not expanded.

“Help me wake up the government immediately, otherwise this winter, millions of Israelis will lose their livelihoods and others’ lives will be in danger,” Bennett wrote on Facebook.

“Due to a fixation by clerks against testing and laziness by the government, not enough laboratories are being set up, students are not recruited and trained to be epidemiologists, a system to carry out tests is not being set up, the ‘Weizman 2.0’ system which can allow about 75,000 tests a day is being torpedoed.”

He warned, “When winter comes, and a flu wave mixes with a coronavirus wave, everything will collapse. They will not be able to overcome the load of tests, they will not even know who has coronavirus was and who has the flu. Then the Prime Minister will announce in another dramatic press conference that he is ‘forced’ to shut down the education system and the Israeli businesses.”

“Millions of Israelis will lose their livelihood for good. The economy will collapse because there will be no revenue from taxes. They will cut back on education. They will cut back on welfare. They will cut back on defense budgets. We will fall into a tremendous national debt. And all because of fixation of officials, and a government that does not do what it needs to do. It’s not too late to wake up. Set up an emergency unit for coronavirus.”

Bennett asked the public to share the post on Facebook. “Share the post. Copy and share it in WhatsApp groups. The public pressure will reach the dormant government ministers, cause to sweat them uncomfortably, and then take care of things. Your pressure will work.”

Original: Arutz Sheva

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