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Bennett: Keep children away from grandparents. ‘Corona hotels’ launch.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett held a press conference at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv, which has been converted into the “Corona Hotel” for hosting corona patients in light condition until they have recovered.

Bennett said mortality rates among young people infected with coronavirus are very low. One the other hand, “One of all five grandparents whose grandson hugged them without knowing he was carrying the virus – will die.”

The defense minister called on young people, “Take videos for grandparents but do not visit them. You’re a ticking bomb for them. Take care of Grandma and Grandpa and keep the grandchildren away from them.

Bennett’s “Corona hotels” project sees the use of hotels as recovery centers for corona patients in light condition.

The hotels chosen for the project are the Dan Panorama in Tel Aviv and the Dan Hotel in Jerusalem. Other hotels will be designated for the purpose in the future.

“I thank the Home Front Command and the Ministry of Health for the cooperation. A vision that last Friday seemed ambitious and distant – is starting to work. The way to fight the spread of the corona is to collaborate, increase testing, and transition to community isolation and recovery,” Bennett said.