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Bennett: ‘No new restrictions over the summer’

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made it clear today (Sunday) at the beginning of the cabinet meeting that the government does not intend to impose new coronavirus restrictions during the summer months and reiterated his call for the public to get vaccinated.

Bennett later announced that Roni Noma, who served as ‘special manager’ for the fight against the coronavirus in the haredi sector, will now be appointed to direct the fight against the coronavirus at Ben Gurion Airport and is responsible for the crossings in order to prevent variants of the virus from entering Israeli territory.

“We do not intend to impose any restrictions in the summer, but go out to get vaccinated. We will promote masks instead of restrictions, and vaccines instead of lockdowns,” the prime minister said.

Bennett stated that he wants to double the rate of vaccinations, and reach 30,000 vaccinations administered a day.

“In order for us to defeat the coronavirus, we need the government to run, but also for the public to cooperate. I can tell you that for our part, the business is well run.”

He called on the public: “If you do not want to be restricted, go out today to get vaccinated.”

Source: Arutz Sheva