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Bennett to Netanyahu: Open the economy and education system

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett presented the Prime Minister plan for the immediate opening of the education system and economy.

The plan will be presented at the upcoming ministerial meeting.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday about continuing to open the economy amid the coronavirus restrictions. In their conversation, Bennett presented an alternative plan to that of the Ministry of Health.

Minister Bennett argued that immediately after Independence Day, most of the education system (daycare centers, kindergartens, and elementary schools) and businesses in Israel (excluding entertainment and sports events) should be opened, while maintaining rules of distancing, increasing testing, and protecting nursing homes and the elderly population.

In addition, precaution would also have to be maintained to ensure that the hospitals are at no time overwhelmed by patients requiring ventilators.

The minister explained that at this stage, the damage of the closure on the livelihoods of Israelis is infinitely larger than its medical benefit.

Bennett presented the Prime Minister with a mathematical model, which was formulated on the basis of his talks with experts from Israel and from the world, showing that while there are nearly 2,000 respiratory units available today, there are only about 110 actual respiratory patients.

This allows for an almost 2,000% increase in the number of respiratory patients without causing the crash of the healthcare system.

Therefore, most of the economy and education can be immediately opened while maintaining the rules, and regulating further action according to actual results, while managing the risks.

Netanyahu confirmed that Minister Bennett will present his plan to the Corona Ministerial Committee.