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Bennett’s decision to remain in Ra’anana to cost state millions

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s decision to remain at his home in Ra’anana and not move to the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem will cost the state NIS 12-15 million [$3.68-4.60 million], reports Channel 13 news.

That one-time cost, the network claims, will go toward building security stations, roadblocks, cameras and other infrastructure necessary to protect the prime minister.

Further costs are expected to go toward renting nearby apartments for security officials.

Bennett has indicated that he intends to remain at his home to allow his young children to stay in their schools, and only use the official residences for meetings and state visits. Ra’anana residents who live nearby have been irritated by the high security and the ongoing protests.

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu has yet to vacate the residence in Jerusalem; he and Bennett agreed that he will leave by July 10.

Source: TOI