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Benny Gantz admits: There will be no rotation

Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz said at his faction meeting that he would remain in the government only if it started functioning and admitted to his friends that he estimated he would not get the post of prime minister in rotation, Channel 12 News reported.

“I want a functioning government. If I find a way, we stay in government and if not, I am willing to pay with my seat. I already understand that rotation I won’t get and I won’t believe Bibi even the day before the rotation. I won’t believe,” Gantz repeated at the meeting.

During the discussion, a debate arose over the need to dismantle the government. MKs Ram Shefa, Miki Haimovich and Assaf Zamir claimed that the party was losing faith. “If Bibi cannot be trusted, let’s go to polls now. Nothing will change in a few weeks,” the three claimed.

They were also joined by senior party minister Minister Gabi Ashkenazi. He said, “If you give in on the budget, there is no Blue and White. I came to be part of the alternative. I understand that he will never give rotation to Benny and therefore it needs to be dismantled now.”

Ministers Hilik Troper, Omar Yankelevich, and Pnina Tamano Shata made a counter-argument. They say the government should not be overthrown if there is only a one-month delay in approving the state budget.

At the end of the meeting, Gantz promised that a decision would be made on the issue of continuing the term of office of the government within two weeks.

Source: Arutz Sheva