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Benny Gantz: ‘Israel’s democracy is stronger than coronavirus’

Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White) on Monday morning rejected the complaints and attacks on the proposed Coronavirus Law.

“I would like to emphasize a few things and make a bit of order with regards to the new legislation on the emergency coronavirus ordinances,” Gantz wrote in a series of tweets. “We are regulating the emergency regulations in an organized legislation, in contradiction to what happened with the first wave of coronavirus infections, where the government acted with almost no supervision or boundaries.”

“The new legislation will improve the current situation by leaps and bounds – there will be supervision from the Knesset, the government’s authority will be limited, and it will be clear exactly what is permitted and what is forbidden.

“Blue and White will ensure that the bill shown to the public will undergo changes – or that it will not be brought to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation. Justice Minister Nissenkorn and senior officials in his office are examining and ensuring that the bill which will be brought for approval will balance the emergency authorities and individuals’ rights.

“Police officers will not be able to break into homes randomly. The issue will be re-examined and proportionate rules will be made. The right to protest will be protected, and the courts and Knesset will remain independent and open. The State’s authorities will be limited in time and subject to parliamentary supervision.

“Yes – during times of emergency, the State must protect itself, but we will ensure that citizens’ rights are protected and ensure supervision during times of emergency as well. Israel’s democracy is stronger than coronavirus, and that’s how it will remain,” he concluded.

Source: Arutz Sheva