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Bereaved father demands answers: ‘Why weren’t they armed?’

Eyal Eshel, whose daughter, Sergeant Roni Eshel, served as an IDF lookout and was murdered in the October 7th massacre, is demanding answers from the military and the state.

In an interview with Benny Teitelboim on Kan Moreshet, he recounted how the security establishment contacted him after several belongings of Roni’s were found in a house in Gaza. “We were totally surprised. Three hours later, they brought us files that belong to Roni; these are the last details that we have in this horrifying journey that we’re going through ourselves and our personal hell and that of the country. They found a driver’s license and an ID card.”

He reminisced about his daughter: “Roni was graceful and beautiful, smiley, it followed her, and she accompanied us with that never-ending smile.”

  • Eshel criticized the military’s treatment of the lookouts: “They were there, not all of them as combat soldiers, but the entire country needs to know that they were 750 meters away from the border with Gaza, they were soldiers, and their only weapon was a camera, but they didn’t have any real weapons.”
  • He added: “There are still so many questions that are still unanswered, so many questions. Why was there no escape ladder in the bathroom? There were two windows, but their height from the floor isn’t small, so whoever pushed themselves was saved, and the other girls are not with us today.”
  • Regarding the warnings that the soldiers gave about Hamas’ plans that were not taken seriously by the command, he said: “We need to put matters on the table; for the past four years, we have testimonies of girls who served as lookouts, almost everyone speaks in the same terms.”

Source: Arutz Sheva