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Biden Day One: Nothing Changed, Nothing Ever Will

The Doom of the Biden Administration and within the next eight years of the entire supposedly great and mighty Democratic Party has been written in deeds on the very first full day of Joe Biden’s presidency.

There were absolutely no surprises whatsoever in it. Biden did what he said he was going to do. He nominated exactly the people he said he was going to nominate. The US Liberal Mainstream Media with their usual Courage and Character slavishly applauded with unanimous mindless reverence.

We are back in 2016. Donald Trump Never Happened. The populist national awakening across the American Heartland never happened. All the material gains that the white, black and Hispanic long-suffering working classes genuinely made in the first three years of Trump’s presidency are going to be erased.

They Never Happened Either. Just Shut Your Eyes and It Will All Go Away.

Thousands of violent, illegal organized criminals from MS-13 and other cartels are going be allowed to demonize the land. Russia and China as usual will be scapegoated for catastrophic, bungled policies that the American Liberal Elite continues to destroy its own people with. Nothing will have changed.

Or so they think.

The two key themes of Biden’s first full day in office on Thursday, January 21 made a mockery of the new president’s soft words of apparent reconciliation in his Inauguration Address to the 74 million Americans (at least) who voted against him and to the long-suffering, despised and crushed Heartland populations of small towns and agricultural America alike.

The real lesson of Biden’s determination to rejoin the empty and – for other more sensible nations, purely ceremonial – Paris Climate Accords is clear.

The real purpose of the Paris Peace Accords is to destroy the jobs of working-class Americans – Black and Hispanic too but especially white families – in the name of “saving the environment.”

But this is a romantic nonsense that all the protected middle classes with their non-productive, government-secured, free market-proof parasite clerks’ jobs can embrace. It makes them imagine they are brave, heroic and noble when every evidence of life cries out the contrary reality in derision.

The mad, obsessive war on the production and use of all fossil fuels will continue. At the same time, the most reckless and environmentally dangerous (for millions of years) policies of upgrading and expanding nuclear complexes to continue Barack Obama’s $1.5 trillion atomic weapons modernization program will continue. So will the ludicrous claims that nuclear power is somehow environmentally “green,” “safe” and “good for the environment” in ways that the use of natural gas, oil and carbon-capture clean coal is not.

The cheap energy and industrial renewal policies including tariff protections that were the key to the jobs creation miracle across old Heartland Industrial America from 2017 through 2019 will be scrapped.

West Virginia and the Pennsylvania industrial areas will be fed to the dogs.

Biden also made clear he was removing Trump’s consistent strong support to the agencies of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Both agencies will be gutted.

Trump’s highly successful border wall – a testament to simple good common sense with minimal effect on the revered arid desert environment – has already been frozen in place. Without question, much of it will be quietly demolished an or left to crumble.

The enormous drugs, human trafficking and sex slave trades will once again be allowed to flourish untroubled.

Billions of dollars worth of worthless “high tech” and supposedly “humane” detection devices made by the big Silicon Valley companies that bankroll the Democrats will be poured into the land security gap and they will all prove as worthless as usual as soon as any low level cartel goon bothers to piss urine on them. Border security will once again become a sick joke to the people of Arizona and Texas.

The second, even more farcical and insane Impeachment of Donald Trump is an essential part of this process.

Its ostensible purpose is of course to crush, humiliate and intimidate the 74 million people who voted for him. It will be a classic Show Trial. Kim Jong-un could not come up with a better one.

But this will backfire. The Impeachment trial is certain to backfire catastrophically in its intended function. It will make an explicit and ongoing mockery of Biden’s instantly-discredited “Words of healing and reconciliation” that Liberal Media Hypocrites sighed so sweetly over.

The man who genuinely fought for jobs, law and order and border protections for the forgotten and despised Americans of all colors will be assailed with arguments that only liberal lawyer hairsplitting morons like Congressman Adam Schiff can swoon over.

But the real, unconscious, repressed and unacknowledged purpose of the Trump Crucifixion demands that it proceed and restore the burning rage and hatreds that still sweep America.

It is vital for the Liberal Elite and their Bovine Herd of Protected Government Bureaucrats to imagine that that the upheavals of the and expressed rage of the past four years were generated “only”‘ by Trump.

It is essential for them to deny that their own beloved policies and ideologies have driven at least 100 million people to absolute despair and breaking point across the United States.

It is vital for them to deny to themselves that Trump was only the voice and expression for a mighty, very real upsurge of social and economic forces.

Yet reperession and denial as Sigmund Freud warned us are impossible to sustain in the long run: They only guarantee that the long-repressed forces eventually break through in far more destructive and terrifying ways.

The Triumph of Biden and his Mainstream Liberals and their immediate, instinctive, purely reflexive and unthinking efforts to abolish the past four years and restore Obama’s complacent, discredited, totally failed rule guarantees instead their inevitable destruction.

The Liberal Sleepwalkers are not dealing with the passive, stupid thuggish, unthinking herd that they geniunely believe half the American people to be.

They are in a for a very rude and unpleasant awakening.

Source: Martin Sieff – Strategic Culture Foundation