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Biden: Hamas response ‘over the top’ but talks on hostage deal ongoing

US President Joe Biden says Hamas’s response to the hostage deal framework was “a little over the top,” but that negotiations are ongoing.

Asked by reporters for a status update on the talks at the end of a press conference regarding the supplemental funding bill stuck in Congress, Biden confirms that Hamas has responded to the framework proposal and that there’s been “some movement.”

There’s been a response from the opposition… from Hamas, but it seems to be a little over the top… There’s a continuing negotiation right now,” he adds.

  • During his prepared remarks, Biden slams Republican lawmakers for refusing to back a bipartisan spending package, noting that the bill “also provides Israel with what it needs to protect its people and defend itself against Hamas terrorists, and it will provide the necessary life-saving humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people.”
  • “By opposing this bill, they’re denying aid to the people who are really suffering and desperately need help,” Biden adds.

Source: Jacob Magid – TOI