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Biden outlines new conditions for US military aid, amid criticism over support for Israel’s Gaza campaign

US President Joe Biden issues a memorandum that will require allies who receive military aid from the US to provide “credible and reliable written assurances” of their adherence to international law including international human rights law.

It will also, for the first time, require the State Department and the Department of Defense to issue periodic reports on whether allies are meeting the requirements.

  • The memo does not mention countries but comes amid increasing calls in the US to condition aid to Israel due to concerns over its military operations in Gaza, triggered by the October 7 attacks, and the use of US weapons in the Palestinian enclave.
  • The US will require “written assurances from foreign governments receiving defense articles and, as appropriate, defense services, from the Departments of State and Defense, and requires the Secretaries of State and Defense to provide periodic congressional reports to enable meaningful oversight,” the memo says.

US departments and agencies will “engage with foreign partners to share and learn best practices for reducing the likelihood of and responding to civilian casualties, including through appropriate training and assistance,” the memo adds.

  1. “In order to effectively implement certain obligations under United States law, the United States must maintain an appropriate understanding of foreign partners’ adherence to international law, including, as applicable, international human rights law and international humanitarian law,” it says.

Source: Al Jazeera