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“Big dream, if you can dream it, you can do it”

Short presentation:

Expert in mountaineering, the Spanish-born Sergi MINGOTE is one of the few 8000 meters expert in the world. A high level mountaineer and also a super-trained athlete, Sergi achieved a long list of summits. He has the ambitious plan to climb the 14 x 8,000m of the planet without ox in less than 1,000 days. In this quest, he has already done 7 peaks in 444 days and holds the speed record for having completed 6 peaks in 367 days.

Personal Curriculum:

I’m a lecturer and Executive Coach for The International School off Coaching. Diploma in managerial function by ESADE and Master in International Cooperation and Management of NGOs. I’m also president of ONAT Foundation, an organization that dedicates its efforts to social inclusion through sport. Elite mountaineer and found of ultra-endurance formats, I have climbed Everest on both sides and the K2 without bottled oxygen. I have also completed some crossings in the Gobi Deserts, in Mongolia, and Djanet in the Sahara.

A few words that define you as an athlete? :

I am a complete, patient and persevering athlete. I have always liked ultra resistance sports and that has led me to incredible adventures, always in the natural environment.

A few words that define you as a person?

I am passionate, fighter and friend of my friends. An eternal dissatisfied in search of my best version.

What are your passions besides skiing/climbing/mountaineering/trail running?

I am passionate about reading, writing and cinema with my family. In the sports field I love all kinds of extreme tests (swimming, ultra Trails, ultramans …) where the body is put to the limit.

Your best and worst mountain memories?

My best memory was my first ascent to an 8000, Cho Oyu, in 1998. My worst memory, no doubt, was the death of Bulgarian Ivan Tomov in my hands, during the rescue attempt last May 2019 in Lhotse.

Why do you feel part of the Millet family?

With my age and experience I am only guided by what really convinces me, and gives me security and confidence. Millet for me is that, quality, innovation, and security guarantee. Next people and we love the mountains and nature.

What does Rise Up mean to you?

For me it is one of my most present thoughts whenever I am going through hard and extreme moments. Getting up is necessary to continue ascending, and I understand that facing my fears, and difficulties, is the best way to keep growing.

Why do you advise people to go to the mountains to do outdoor activities?

Because it is the best way to keep feeling alive, because the mountain is pure and wild. Each one has its summit, and it doesn’t have to be a mountain, but without a doubt, the mountains will fill us with the spirit of positive energy to fulfill our dreams.

Your achievements and future projects?

8000’s : Everest North Face 8848m / Everest South Face 8848m /K2 8611m /Lhotse 8516m /Cho-Oyu 8201m / Dhaulagiri 8.167m / Manaslu 8156m / Nanga Parbat
8.125m / Broad Peak 8047m /Gasherbrum II 8.035m / Shisha Pangma Central 8008m
7000’s : Dhaulaguiri VII 7246m / Lenin Peak 7134m / Khan Tengri 7010m
6000’s : Aconcagua 6962m / Eyes of the Salado 6893m / Ama Dablam 6856m /Chimborazo 6310m / Artesonraju 6025m /San Francisco 6018m
5000’s : Kilimanjaro 5985m / Cotopaxi 5897m / Tarpu Chuli 5634m / Pisco 5411m / Illiniza Norte 5126m

Future projects:

I am currently carrying out the 14×1000 Catalonia Project, in which I intend to achieve the ascent to 14 eight thousand of the planet, without the use of bottled oxygen, in approximately 1000 days. If achieved, it would lower the current mark of 7 years, 10 months and 6 days, in the hands of the late Kim Chang-Ho, in more than three years. A sporting challenge that limits human resistance. To this day I have already reached the summit of 7eight thousand in 444 days.

Source: Millet