‘Black flags’ to demonstrate in 1,000 locations

In light of the approval of legislation that will reduce the demonstrations during the current lockdown, the “Black Flags” movement has announced “demonstrations of hope” that will be held in more than 1,000 locations throughout the country.

The demonstrations will take place tomorrow (Thursday) and on Saturday night, and a further slate of demonstrations is planned that will take place throughout the lockdown in a different format.

Under the new regulations it is permissible to hold a protest provided it is held up to a distance of one kilometer from the home of the demonstrator.

The Black Flags movement worked to establish a special system that would allow people to join the demonstrations, according to a map sent to tens of thousands of citizens.

The movement said, “These are black and difficult days for the State of Israel. No country in the world has restricted the right to demonstrate in legislation, for a very simple reason – it makes no health sense. There is only criminal logic, that of an accused criminal trying to escape the terror of the law.”

“The fact that Gantz chose to join Netanyahu puts him in line with Miki Zohar, Osnat Mark and Miri Regev. This coming weekend, the State of Israel will tremble at a demonstration of a magnitude not yet seen in Israel. Hundreds of thousands will go to every corner to protest the destruction of the economy and democracy by the criminal defendant,” the notice read.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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